[ATTENTION] I need a new Launch Partner ASAP

I work fast!
I am looking for a Launch Partner. I am going to FINALLY be putting together my highly requested Birddogging real estate system for $500-$1000+ just for finding homes for sell using free methods.
No investment required.  I can say this… because I WILL BE THE ONE paying you the $500-$1000  :)

-You MUST at least have an interest in real estate. Experience a plus

-You must be full time avail or at least 8+ hours (launch days can get long and crazy)
-Must have decent writing skills
-Must have a good reputation (no reputation is better than a bad one)
-Must have patience. Customer support can be a nightmare. Just being honest. You WILL get angry people who will speak to you like an animal and have no respect for what you are trying to do. They will speak to you like they own you because they purchased your $7 product. And although you may want to call them by their names… YOU CANNOT!
-Must be reliable, honest and trustworthy. If you say you are going to do something… I will expect you to do it.  Would have thought that would have been assumed… but you’d be surprised

Warining: I MOVE FAST! You should already know my style. I will probably want to brainstorm, create and launch within 48 hours. Be prepared to be stretched.

If this is you and you are interested, send me a PM. on skype

My skype id: here.to.inspire or just go here http://ift.tt/1HmhA9u
Or…. if you absolutely MUST… you can reply to this email. Just know that I hate email lol. And they get lost often so I will be checking skype first.
This is to be a spinoff for those that applied for the  $10k in 60 days guaranteed program and did not get in or didn’t qualify… but still want to get their foot in the door. (if you are interested and by the time you click the link above and it says “closed”, send me a pm or email for more information or if I currently have room)
Want to be live by the weekend. Thanks and good luck to you and whatever you are currently working on. :)
P. James “the wheels are turning” Holland
Coach Comeback

1003 Macklin st, Leland, NC 28451, United States

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