002: Survive With Just $10 And A Laptop – Unbelievable Interview With Greg Hartle

$10 and a laptop interview
Ever feel like it’s just TOO MUCH!
Like you really want to give up?
Sometimes you are just completely drained and feel like you have nothing left to give.

Well this interview will inspire you!

How about leaving you house with absolutely nothing but the clothes on your back, $10 and your laptop!
Listen in as Greg Hartle tells his amazing tale in this exclusive interview!
In it he shares:

  • His own personal story of fighting a face to face battle with death
  • Those precious first hours of being on the street and how he beat out the initial panic
  • The best source for find housing for free all over the world
  • How he created a new business literally overnight – it was either get creative or starve!
  • and much more

This was truly an inspiring interview that I know you will enjoy!
(click play below)

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  • Interesting interview, I like his advise of changing something in your environment.
    Simply starting with small changes is a good start.
    A small change could be something as simple as subscribing to a blog in an area that appeals.
    I have also started doing things that create what I desire to have in my life as opposed to setting goals.

  • Nice interview! Like Priska said, I like the advice of changing something in your environment. Small changes are good if you keep at them. Thats the process I’m taking with building up my interviews on http://outtathebox.tv/ and it’s going well.

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