003: Stalk Your Way To Becoming Famous w/ Gloria Geiger

What most men consider flattery and pure “game”, America calls illegal in 43 states.
Yes, men get stalked too!  And it doesn’t always turn out with wedding bells.  Need I remind you…..

Remember… 4 times and it has to actually mean something. So get out in 3…. but I digress

Stalkers screw with your mind, that’s for sure, and the statistics for someone in my position are not that favorable. I keep thinking about John Lennon. Did he know something was about to go down? That when he kissed his son, Sean, goodbye that day, it would be the last time he would ever see him?”
1 in 19 men in the United States are stalked every year, some are harmless others become violent. A-list actor, Nicky Walsh, recently discovered he moved to the number one position on this scale, and his stalker will stop at nothing to have him!

On today’s show we get to speak to the Author of the Amazon chart topper “Famous”. Which takes a Fictional (sort of) look at the life of one celebrity… and how stalking can go waaaay wrong.
There are twists…
There is humor
There is foul language
What else do you need?
Grab the book and enjoy this podcast. We sure did!

Follow her on twitter above
Grab the book FAMOUS here

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