Afternoon Delight – Kidnapping, The Butter Diet And TB

Get cozy with Coach Comeback and Seabass and have a little afternoon delight. In this short but sweet, no foreplay, right to the point, get-in-and-get-out session we talked about how I lost 10lbs in a week on the “butter” diet. Yep… BUTTA BABY!!! We also talk about how to plan to get kidnapped and fake your death and how that can lead to long term happiness and a fresh start at life. And a little Turburculosis thrown in for good measure.
Then it ends with a question to you that I REALLY need an answer to. I know that is one of the rules of a nooner— No talking, no questions, no feelings. But I need you to overlook that just this one time. I promise. or subscribe on itunes

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