Alpha Girl (Paranormal Romance) Book Trailer


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48 Responses

  1. Chad Mercree says:

    That is both hilarious and wonderful that a book trailer can be made so inexpensively! Thanks for posting your how-to on your blog!

  2. Kate Bloomfield says:

    Thank you!

  3. Kate Bloomfield says:


  4. Kate Bloomfield says:

    Hey Chad. You can read my blog about how I made this trailer. Check the description

  5. Asa Aulia says:

    Are that book can be my favorite book?

  6. Tributoenosadia says:

    Oh my god! I love this trailer!

  7. Connie Vejar says:

    Fire and Ice,frozen Flames
    She heard screams, it was not just the creature’s screams but her own screams. Bursting through the door, she saw him knelt down on his knees, facing the open window with the sun shining on him setting him ablaze with its powerful rays.
    She ran to him at the very second that burst into flames, and disintegrated into a fine dust that fell to the floor landing on a message written in blood.
    “I cannot live without my soul mate I will not live without Dillon”.

  8. Chad Mercree says:

    Great job on the film trailer! What program did you use to make it? Were any of the pieces bought online or otherwise pre made? I like the way it came out. Best of luck on your book.

  9. isla12889 says:

    i read it and loved it and can u plz update it

  10. xNightimeFantasy says:

    I want to read this now… next on my ‘to read’ list :DD

  11. Michelle Lewis says:

    This is one of the best book Trailer video’s i’v seen in a while,very nice 🙂

  12. Cc Weske says:

    Come watch the OFFICIAL trailer for the novel, ‘CLOSER THAN WE KNOW!”
    The author, Haylee Graham, writes novels to raise money for charity!!
    50% of the book’s proceeds are donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!!

  13. Kalifra Malo says:

    Wowza! I just finished reading this bk after seeing this trailer lastnight, Flipping amazeballs! Bloody Fantastic! I honestly cant wait for the next installment, gonna be EPIC, Congrats Bloomfield.I see on your site your an Aussie 🙂 Holler at your new kiwi fan across the ditch, New Zealand calling fot yhe release date cant wait;)

  14. Kate Bloomfield says:

    As a home-made trailer, funds were limited when making this :)

  15. Aluapchen says:

    Love the part when she says: I am a Monster!! hahhaa, however I think the trailer should contain the envolvement of a romance between student and teacher.

  16. nathanialprice7 says:

    love the book so much

  17. Jameson Bell says:

    wish that this will turn into a movie

  18. jacobbaker092 says:

    thumbs up if you want this to be on the big screen

  19. Jazlyn Morgan says:

    subscribing for more 

  20. danielhughes900 says:

    the search is over and now I found a good book to read thanks a lot

  21. Gunnar Murpy says:

    I am now going to share this so that the world will know and get a copy

  22. keithhariss099 says:

    amazing just got my copy and so proud that I am reading it now

  23. Melina Clarke says:

    interesting book

  24. jerickhernandez379 says:

    nice and cool trailer

  25. Leidy Rodriguez says:

    Genial esta canción

  26. Chr Cha says:

    not only her voice 😀 shes so beautiful… shes a friend of mine and i can say that the voice is awesome not only in this song:D and shes an awesome actor

  27. RussianOrthodoxChant says:

    Wow, I saw the film “jesus video” yesterday on tv for the first time, this song is the absolute perfection, and the voice she has is also totally perfect I would listen at this for hours!!!

  28. tuschman168 says:

    Beautiful song! I was dumb enough to buy this back in the day when music still had DRM-protection. Now I got the song but can’t play it because the license is long gone. God, I was stupid.

  29. DeathsSecretary says:

    i looked on itunes and i cant find it. any specific way to type it to get it to come up??

  30. merindaqutis says:

    Online marriage service from Asia

  31. elektrawoldemord18 says:

    This song is fantastic! where I can Download this – help!

  32. kokolulu1000 says:

    great !!! may u upload more !!

  33. spaz9i2 says:

    Arab men are the hottest. They have the most smouldering eyes and they don’t need fake tans.

  34. Dalia Darwish says:


  35. NipponSherry says:

    Wonderful song 🙂
    Love her voice.
    Yes, quit sad it’s not very popular.

  36. Goseb35 says:

    This is the version three, It’s not version from film das jesus video (in french is “A la poursuite du passé”)

  37. Manuelkl says:

    this sensitively song is the music to the german film *Jesus Video*

  38. DeusExaskani says:

    i like this song i never had the chance to buy the friggin cd -or put a ptach on my eye and DL it… =(

  39. Thrakad says:

    Only if you promise not to replace letters with numbers anymore.

  40. cocoa602 says:

    hello love this song went to itunes but couldnt find it would like to purchase the cd also where do i go on netflix to get the movie thanks

  41. raghav gupta says:

    can any one tell from where i can download this gr8 song

  42. starrish says:

    Love this song thank you

  43. Scarab324 says:

    Die Sängerin ist sehr süss und hat eine wahnsinns Stimme. Schade das das Lied nicht weit verbreitet ist.

  44. taisamt says:

    Really? O_O I was wondering what the “Das Jesus Video” reference on the front cover was! Netflix, here I come! Thank you for sharing this information!

  45. taisamt says:

    If you mean the original version, search YouTube for “Butterfly Night Manga AMV/MMV- Desert Rose (Original) [Anna].” It should pop up.

    But the “Desert Rose” single also includes:
    – radio version 1 (techno, thump-thump bass)
    – radio version 2 (techno, fingers snapping) – smooth version (jazzy, electronic bossa nova/samba-ish)

    I could upload those if the original version isn’t the version you’re looking for. But I think the original and slow versions are the prettiest ones. 🙂

  46. Pi002 says:

    You can upload the fast version? Thanks.

  47. rofferec says:

    Beautiful song! 5 stars.

  48. taisamt says:

    I know what you mean! Such a good song, and it’s been out for — what — 6 or 7 years now? So why is it so hard to find?? I had to order the single used from an Amazon Germany merchant!

    Thank goodness it’s at least on iTunes, but I’m glad the video was helpful to you, too. 🙂

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