Barney Stinson BEST TOP TEN quotes – How I Met Your Mother


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26 Responses

  1. MihSummers says:

    I’m BRODA

  2. Digglent says:

    Why is the “You dumped a stripper? Friendship over. FRIENDSHIP. OVER!” Not there?

  3. SymbolicBodom says:

    The bro code !

  4. Twitchynator says:


  5. Twitchynator says:

    I ove HIMYM and barneys awesome true bro but this video was shit 

  6. Uros Cvetkovic says:


  7. Bsalais15 says:


  8. Vendural says:

    True Story

  9. SvizacST says:

    My favorite TV character, ruined since season 5 🙁
    RIP Barney

  10. ComputerGuy8181 says:

    Had no idea the actor was gay until I happened to be reading his wiki page. No idea why I felt the need to post that…

  11. matthewladd93 says:

    Wait for it

  12. matthewladd93 says:

    This guy is legend

  13. richard more says:

    I’m Broda!!

  14. John Farris says:

    Suit up!

  15. Pera Paprika says:

    Mike and Harvey >>>>>> Barney Stinson

  16. Binko1999 says:

    Good my favourite is the Yoda one

  17. ratatouilleR21 says:

    in the scene on number 1, one season ended by saying legen and the other season started by saying dary! amazing :)

  18. jimblobber says:


  19. TheBurntPringle says:

    ‘Ted! your forcing me to be the voice of reason, and it’s not a good look for me!’ - my favourate 😛

  20. barney Stinson says:


  21. Emma jolie says:

    True story!

  22. Mitchazard says:

    Barney kinda reminds me of `the law` in VGHS

  23. jesus hernandez says:

    #6 even god has to admit that Barney is AWESOME!

  24. AhmedHamzaKhalifa says:

    ‘ “New is always better.” It’s my oldest rule. Therefore, it’s the best.’ XD

  25. Leo Pittam says:

    haaaave ya met ted

  26. Q says:


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