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3 Responses

  1. Summer D. Wood "amazon fanatic" says:

    Pretty This is a nice size and proportioned well. It comes on one big sheet so that you just have to pull the back off, stick it to the wall, then pull the front off. You have to make sure you pull the front off somewhat slowly and gently because the letters like to stick to it, but if you start at the top and sort of roll it down the wall it is pretty easy to do.Looks really nice and from a distance like it is painted on the wall.

  2. Suzanne Daniel says:

    Quote I put this in my daughters room, with the pink and black dot set…It is absolutely beautiful…She now has a bedroom that any pre-teen can be proud of, and a quote that guides a young girl on her journey to being a woman…..

  3. N. Perry "Niko" says:

    Looks great with Marilyn Collection! This arrived 4 days after my order. I love it! It came with instructions if you needed help applying it, money well spent on this item. I would buy from seller again.

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