Best Place To Start To Make QUICK Money Online

Response to a reader email asking where to start to make quick cash online. Facebook? Twitter? Instigram? CPA offers? Affiliate products?
Links mentioned in the audio – How to make $40,000 “playing” on facebook
Raw Out-of-the-box transcript from my new Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 found here
This is with zero editing or training. And I recorded this on my tablet. Not even on the mic I have setup for it. I recorded the audio first then sent the audio to dragon to auto transcribe. That is what is below. Pretty darn good considering
Update: only half is here. Soundcloud has a 4000 character max
What is the best place to start when trying to make some money online and get your fresh beginning is it Facebook sit Insta Graham is an affiliate offers CPA twitter ads and which one of these and where to start advertising hello I am he James Holland greater coach and author of how I made $2991 in 4.5 days available on Amazon and today is a really quickie user question. This is an email from a member of this stuff really works at the mind warriorforum eyes is an email I got asked him because it’s a common question I get and it’s so I’m sorry I ready for the answer this question is, one asked if I could answered publicly of course nothing any names and he said it was okay, so you can seem like it’s all over the place, but I’m just going through this email partly leaving out the bits that are important it is a long email and maybe hopefully this is helpful for you to do some things that apply to sell asking to be pointed in the right direction. So it says firstly you said in your email that we must first to see must first do is decide on what type of business and what you want to be doing long-term question is what do I mean by that. I’m not sure if you mean Facebook Insta Graham CPA affiliated physical products at the moment I’m trying to do Facebook marketing, promoting CPA affiliate like everyone else. I suppose it had some success, but limited. Now I’m thinking about Insta grandsons everyone is raving about that okay got so much to say this before even go on to other parts of the email sent to try to use in some awful analogies to help make the point in trying to make time so this is clear is when you’re asking should I be using Insta Graham, twitter, Facebook, CPA affiliate and all the other stuff that could be out there to you that the same as your ask you are going to vacation and you’re asking what what should you pack the type of clothing. What should you wear have even chosen a destination yet how did you begin to know what you’re going to start packing. If you have anything to pick where you want to go where you want to see yourself 40 want to end up so that’s the equivalent to this is using Facebook or twitter ads or always other stuff are is to expand an existing business. They are not the business I’m saying, wanting is Insta Graham and try to make some money that’s not a business that’s the first decide what you’re doing and all these other little tricks and product something that come out those are just tools to enhance our growing existing business. So when I say that it tell me where you’re starting first what is it you’re trying to do if your goal is like most of get into this is that I’m just going to try to use Insta Graham and make some money using CPA to me it’s not a business I can’t really help with that because I don’t teach that to me this is shortsighted short-term what can I do to make a couple dollars that may work today, but by next week in my network. It is a teacher how to create get on some little sad create a little gimmickry to quick Insta Graham page and on Spanish possibly really is done them to some crappy

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