1996 Madonna Interview – The Oprah Winfrey Show


Season 1 Episode 15 of Oprah’s Next Chapter is with the amazing Bishop T.D. Jakes. This is an amazing episode to watch. It not only gives everyone a look int…
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  1. LaSerpentaCanta says:

    How can any woman get pregnant accidentally is beyond me. Hasn’t she
    preached about safe sex for over 20 years? I just don’t understand how she
    could have gotten pregnant and in the middle of Evita no less. Quite
    irresponsible in a way.

  2. marc benjamin says:

    ELOQUENT…. OR she is just as great as Meryl Streep….. Now most pop
    stars have FAKE FAKE ATTITUDE… Madonna is REAL, because she is very

  3. Silviu Matei says:

    “She’s had more #1 songs than any other female artist.”
    Yeah right, that until MARIAH broke that record !

  4. TRAPPER JOHN says:

    The Madonna of the 80’s was the best Madonna

  5. Jessica acosta says:

    This women is goooogous

  6. monsterhigh1975 says:

    madonna looks like a lady here…..

  7. TRAPPER JOHN says:

    Wow she was 38 here? She looks about 26

  8. Jessica acosta says:

    She is sooooooooooooooooooo pretty

  9. monsterhigh1975 says:

    the year when people still “write letters”…..

  10. Najamanlala says:

    this interview is incredibly boring, because there is no conversation at
    all. these two bitches hate eachothers guts.

  11. invisiblelights004 says:

    This bitch. She sold records when people actually had to get off their
    asses and walk to the record store to buy the album/single. Her singles
    charted based on sales and radio plays, no cheating tactics like YouTube or
    Vevo views helped her become the ICON that she is. Adele is proof it can
    still be done.

  12. looking at this interview again and more closely, the fakeness from both
    Madonna and Oprah is pretty bad. more so from oprah, look closely at the
    look oprah gives Madonna at 30:39 kinda like “bitch I cant stand you” its
    very subtle

  13. Leox Ruxio says:

    Why do people forget that there’s always someone older than madonna *cough*
    Cher *cough*

  14. ClaytonTed Green says:

    Oprah & Madonna = everything!

  15. tictocmm says:

    Wonderful, charming, iconic Madonna <3

  16. dioioego says:

    Her interpretation of teeth falling out=death just shows her IQ. Genius.

  17. ISBgreenAG says:

    Lmao madonna is so funny and omg everythin. She may have thrown shade to
    some ppl in the past but omg i love her

  18. tiago marins says:

    Madonna has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen 

  19. cherri aloma says:

    Who started that rumor I couldn’t get pregnant lol…seriously lol

  20. Yvonne Ramirez says:

    Love Madonna!

  21. Gregory Young says:

    Long live the Queen of Music!

  22. Manuel Navarro says:

    Madonna blinks a lot!!! It’s probably nervousness but it’s distracting

  23. Meredith Yuskiw says:

    I miss Oprah.

  24. Brn2Snap1 says:

    Those 2 made me laugh when they talked about Steadmen and Carlos! That’s
    awesome and candid.

  25. Stiggy333 says:

    So glad u posted this. Haven’t seen the full interview in a really long
    time. One of my favorite interviews.

  26. MegaChijioke says:

    Wow, powerful.

  27. eugene bell says:

    This probably doesn’t have anything much to do with T. D. Jakes, but I am
    curious about something maybe somebody can help me with. What is it about
    preachers that they start out as a pastor or something, but as they get
    older they are bishops or apostles, like Fred Price is an apostle, Jakes is
    a bishop. Is it something that just comes with getting older, like an
    honary title or what.

  28. lenachika says:

    Anyone know what this sermon is called?
    By the way he answered every question perfectly on oprahs level !

  29. mannyman03 says:

    What a fucking monkey ass lying money hungry fat fuck

  30. Nick Gaspar says:

    i only clicked on this because i thought it was Uncle Phil

  31. Teria Bly says:

    My goodness Bishop Jakes, you have been such a blessing to me. May God
    continue to be with you. Thank you,,,for obeying God. So many people lives
    have been impacted,,,,,,,, Thank You…

  32. Ursula Ulloa Mcleod says:

    The best!!!

  33. Angela Moore madison wi says:

    It’s a sin to be gay. Get over it Oprah! 

  34. atlsuperstar says:

    Wow what he said about African Americans is dead on! wow!

  35. Deena Mack says:

    Thank you so much for posting! I’m not that crazy about Oprah, but she did
    a good job of interviewing this awesome man of GOD!

  36. william will says:

    Whitney Houston 

  37. Stephen Flagg says:


  38. Janeen Dailey says:


  39. Lokasi Gorringe says:

    T.D. Jakes have the wisdom of communication. He had to speak their language
    and allow God to do the ultimate work. No one comes to the Father except
    the drawing of the Holy Spirit. That’s why the Apostle Paul was powerful
    among the Gentiles because he was so educated and able to speak the gospel
    by the power of the Holy Spirit for them to understand. The book of Esther
    (one powerful book) don’t mention God’s name on it but we seen God’s hand
    upon it… Oprah was in the service that’s enough…that is the miracle…
    and to hear the name Jesus mentions is powerful… I am thankful for T.D.
    Jakes (he is doing his best to follow his calling) only eternity will tell
    all our works…I am just thankful that somehow he is able to speak into
    people like Oprah, Presidents and so on…) Let God do the final judge
    let’s just thankful at least wealthy, famous and leaders of this
    generations is seeking out someone for advice…

  40. Lew Mack says:

    Really Good! Amazing interview 

  41. nmbr8of11 says:

    i thought you might find this of interest

  42. pacedeli24 says:


  43. eugene bell says:

    by the way I didn’t mean any disrespect for Jakes. Not at all. I don’t
    care how much money anybody makes, this is a capitalist country, by the

  44. tanya aminov says:

    Amazing grace 

  45. honeybun33 says:

    i totally agree with Oprah for change about beating children. that came
    from slavery
    and blacks are the only people who beat theyre children as a form a
    discipline .

  46. Donald Davis II says:

    “Bishop” is term created by a false religion to empower men with a false
    sense of strength and authority he does not have. All this fake “preaching”
    is done for the money, not for the spirit.

  47. abthatdude says:

    Thanks for posting

  48. giacomomassop says:

    These guys are masterful at dodging questions & making it about what it’s
    not about. Absolutely masterful!

  49. honeybun33 says:

    sorry but God isnt unique when he reveals himself . he’s already laid the
    path . we make God out more than what he is .

  50. Apostle VinnyB Benavides says:

    Mat 3:3 For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying,
    The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord,
    make his paths straight.

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