2NE1 – “FALLING IN LOVE” Dance Practice (안무연습)

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  1. MPVCreatioN says:

    Most cheerful and fun song to dance to. They weren’t lying when they said
    this was the most happy song on the album. Well the album haven’t been
    released yet but from the titles of each song… it just keeps getting
    sad-der. It goes from their 2012 hit I LOVE YOU to FALLING INLOVE to DO YOU
    LOVE ME to MISSING YOU. Huhu MISSING YOU is so beautiful but so sad.
    Anyway… this dance never gets old. Love it.

  2. arhamda lao says:


  3. sheliene12 says:

    that dance step is cute at 1:56! Learning it right now!

  4. tellmenotori says:

    watch princessdestini2000 love dance

  5. CL why you are so sexy? T_T this can’t be ok… 

  6. Cecelia Pong says:

    CL is soo HOT!!!

  7. Ghylliana Yu says:

    Dara got better….. She improved a lot…….<3<3<3<3<3

  8. neftali caybay says:


  9. The way CL moves her body, omg
    I love 2ne1 <3

  10. Fatima Ismael says:

    god CL is so sexy….
    is that even Fair god lord?

  11. Joan Styles says:

    Love itttt Dara she cool she gets tired but she kept going

  12. Does anyone knows where to get a similar pair of short CL is wearing!? It’s
    so chic!

  13. Nadhrah Athirah says:

    The coolest dance ! 😀 <3

  14. hope to see them back with new songs and with less autotune,love the
    dance….please bring back the songs with raw emotions and less club
    autotune and the same lyrics,they have such good voices to hide them behind
    the autotune

  15. I’m reading this comments and as a Blackjack a few of them make me laugh
    tbh. Saying 2NE1 is boring now and that they are not popular anymore? Which
    group gets 2million views for just a dance practice? You’ve got to be
    shitting me right now? The reason why you think 2NE1 is not popular anymore
    is because they aren’t winning at music shows like usual? And whose fault
    to do you think that is?? THE FANS! we’re the ones who buy, vote and cheer
    them on. So if 2NE1 is not winning who else are we to blame but ourselves?
    If your a fan you should love them regardless and I’m not saying to like
    every song they put out, but supporting them is a must. And if you can’t do
    that, then you seriously shouldn’t call yourself a Blackjack! What kind of
    fan leaves their group just because they aren’t currently on top? You suck
    seriously. And if that is the case, good riddance we don’t need people like
    you who put down our girls and don’t even bother supporting them.

  16. Destami Adirani says:

    Cool :D

  17. Lan Anh Nguyễn says:

    aww… Dara is so cute 🙂 at the end, even she’s tired… Love her ! Dara
    fighting !!!

  18. AnnaNyMiss says:

    love this choreography! Sexy yet also sweet, it’s nice to see 2NE1 channel
    this side of them. They’re girls after all, let them act like girls once
    in a while! They haven’t lost any of the fierceness we all know and love

  19. Mary Ellen Joy Esguerra says:

    I guess if you are a TRUE BLOODED BLACKJACK you will never complain and
    only see appreciation from the hard work that 2NE1 members are showing us!

  20. Yami Alice says:

    2NE1 released the Dance Practice Video for “Falling In Love” :::
    I am happy… It wasn’t as perfect as I would expect it from a Group of
    which the Members were Trainees for four Years and are in the Business for
    four Years… But… It was still really, really good and on the Level it
    needs to be!!! :* :* :* :*
    <3 <3 LOVE YOU 2NE1 <3 <3
    #2NE1 #FallingInLove 

  21. God CL!!! How to achieve that good skin tone????? You got a sexy and
    healthy body at the same time…Just WOW!!!

  22. 2ne1 is getting boring and boring .. what’s new 2ne1 ?
    sorry i just miss you so much that i really want to hear your new songs and
    watch you with awesome stage. My friends and classmates says that you’re
    not that popular anymore though i always defended you. 🙁 please come soon.
    :”> love you 2ne1

  23. Potato -chan says:

    Minzy,Dara, CL and Bom <3

  24. Kimmeh Anne says:

    Dude. I trip over my feet in the morning. 

  25. Glory Knights says:


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