Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Psychology Today Say’s”Alex Jones & 9/11 Truthers Suffer from Mental Instability?”

Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Psychology Today Say's



  1. The 25th Psychonaut says:

    The Dark Minds article never once even mentioned 9/11 truthers, nor did it
    say that conspiracy theorists are mentally ill. All it said was that
    seeking patterns that may lead you to a conclusion that there is a threat
    is a result of higher dopamine levels. It also said schizophrenics
    overproduce dopamine which is why they are the way they are. I wish more
    people who comment here had actually read the article…it sounds like Alex
    Jones just skimmed over it…

  2. speedsurfer123 says:


  3. This is very very interesting. Poor Alex is shocked to discover that the
    guy is a manipulation’s specialist. He has been trained that way, like any
    student in psychology… then one may choose to use this knowledge in
    attempt to help people or to the contrary use it to manipulate them (the
    latter works unfortunately easier).

  4. speedsurfer123 says:


  5. Messiah complex has happened to a few alledged conspiracy theorist. Example
    is the guy who produced 7/7 Ripple Effect and also the David Shayler. Who’s
    to say that it a covert means to undermine the real truth tellers. To call
    a person mentally ill or paranoid is often a defence used by those
    defending lies or their comfortable world view.

  6. turkeysub3000 says:

    from a lighthearted solipsistic point of view, this guy is purely
    entertainment. he is a man shouting an opinion into a microphone. so
    everyone’s view is subjective, right? we should subject everyone to some
    atrocity in the same point of view and make it as real as possible. perhaps
    this experience could somehow bond all of us and allow us all to know the
    tragedy of war, murder, torture, etc. and realize war isn’t necessary.


    alex jones for president!

  8. dailydols says:

    @Athenation2010 yepp, at least one attempted solution, not only complains.
    but I think you need to go through complains before you look for solutions,
    and you might find a way to the VP.

  9. SWEP2AOTC2002 says:

    You believe in a man that tells you burial vaults in a field in Georgia are
    FEMA coffins You have NO credibility and it is YOU that is the sheep Keep
    drinking the kool aid Hopefully it will kill you before me

  10. Ben Caplan says:

    The word is libel, genius

  11. iondetox says:

    Well at least you did some research… I’m glad that I at least caused you
    to look at the video. What did you think about David Keith a leading Global
    Geo-physicist saying that he plans on dumping over 80 million metric tons
    of aluminum in the atmosphere? Since you started looking into the
    information are you concerned? If you do more research you will find that
    Aluminum is a mutagen and anything over 15ppb will mutate DNA.

  12. reksub10 says:

    i love it when the opposition calls us truthers cos that means they see us
    as people who tell the truth and seek the truth so if they are the
    opposition then they are liars and that they support and openly tell and
    defend lies.. so thank you liars for letting me know im telling and seeking
    the truth and that you have narrowed it down to truthers and liars ,,we
    ahve been telling you ,that you have been liars for years

  13. wowsolols says:

    Don`t care about them. They are trying to crush you from time to time.
    Putting out bullshit in newspaper and mainstream media. Why would they do
    that if alex jones information isn`t a threat to them? Obviously it is a
    threat. They wouldn`t care about it otherwise. They take it seriously and
    that is pretty funny. They obviously listen to Alex Jones. “Hardwired to
    find threats” – he wrote it down like “yes there are really threats out
    there”. When they become irritating.. Something is wrong

  14. Roma Londra says:

    awesome rant – as usual !

  15. Joel Cockrum says:

    @LimeInTheCoconut Chuckle like Chuck Fucking Norris

  16. PSYCHOSHIT.COM says:

    AJ 4 whitehouse campaign!

  17. PyR0Star says:

    @grantdalgarno Alex Jones for Supreme Galactic Commander in Chief!

  18. Howlinblind Muddyslim says:

    I am not crazy but i am a 911 truther, I want to know the truth about that
    day.. why don’t you?

  19. PyR0Star says:

    @PyR0Star don’t listen to yourself, it’s poisen, and it doesn’t take a bad
    trip to make sure you write down what you couldn’t remember. become the
    platform, B+, click repeat, send, post, reply, Frwrd

  20. PyR0Star says:

    Americans will just spread the word….. Muslims blow themselves up because
    someone killed thier dad or family, maybe even paid off into matydUM like
    the Taj Mahal Hotel….. I love the phil harmonic in your videos, it fits
    you well….. You belong sitting halfway out a tank reading the infowars
    news. Fuck the old mainstreams! Kill your TV bumper stickers are a no
    brainer! kill that pun, solve problems, in solution think era! not problem
    reaction solution! Otherwise doomed 2 repeat hissstory

  21. RuggedCwby says:

    truthers are like my ducks, they lay eggs/shit anywhere they are, with NO
    details or proof of anything, Dylan Avery is a fag rich kid with nothing to
    do but play with his buddies dicks and get on tv

  22. PyR0Star says:

    @bohemiozzz conciousness is a relatively new thing to this planet, and
    still in testing phase =)

  23. Carl Minez says:

    @polevaultrockstr Fine. Im just saying that you should think twice before
    listening to a guy shouting political conspiracies into a microphone. It
    would be naive to assume that Alex isnt making money on you guys, given the
    commercial and website attention. But even if there is some far-fetched
    truth in his words i still dont like the way he is delivering his message.

  24. Timothy Thomas says:

    I would like to hear others thoughts about the gov. sponsered cell phones
    .Its not like the gov to give citizens something for no reason ?Maybe
    spying on the poor and dissabled and so on.THE companys that i know of are
    safe link….and assurance wireless .DONT THEY SOUND SAFE AND
    TRUSTWORTHY….My name is tim my number is 727-226-7420 ..only serious
    please god bless all

  25. marktimmer2212 says:

    Bill Coopers replacement

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