Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Psychology Today’s Hit Piece on Alex Jones

Why Psychologists Are Infinitely More Dangerous Than Conspiracy Theorists Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, September 3, 2009 Accordi…
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  1. GreatestVidsEver says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  2. Rupert Murdoch’s son in law is the grand son of Sigmund Freud. Could there
    be manipulative psychological techniques being used within the mainstream
    media? I think so.

  3. raybonent says:

    If Elmo is being hired to talk about the swine flu shot than ALEX you
    should feel proud. They are scared. Don’t worry about the propaganda. You
    alway back up your info with documents. We appreciate it. I know its
    frustrating but keep it up! We hear you and are passing it on.

  4. firefly215 says:

    Good argument on this ALEX…they didn’t do a lab analysis….SO WHY ARE
    they saying / assuming u are a schizophrenic? ===Very good point. And YESSS
    it bothers me too that in many magazines, esp PSYC Today, there many drugs
    &b other pharmaceutical aids = NOT good, like “JUMPING OFF A CLIFF!…lol”
    Keep up the hard, informative work, Alex. ALso about the Alex being a CIA.
    These are counterattacks by the Feds, CIA, & neoconservative gourps trying
    to slander ALEX. Do long-term research 1st.

  5. ComicPenius says:

    As somebody who lives outside of the US, I’m stunned by the pharmaceutical
    drug culture that exists there. In my country, it’s illegal for drug
    companies to advertise. When people here visit the doctor, they are very
    reluctant to prescribe drugs. Frankly, that PT journo sounds like an

  6. sungmee45 says:

    Psychiatrists are only in for the money period..At least alot of them are
    will to quit and speak out..Psychiatrists, even they themselves don’t know,
    what is in the drugs, yet are willing to give to their patients..they are
    no differents then those murders, because they are murdering people each
    and every moment…

  7. Andrew Wadman says:

    Listen Nogard, I have probably read more books in the past 2 years than you
    have read in your entire life. Three of them were psychology books. One by
    Freud, and two by Oxford University professors (oh by the way I have
    studied there). So don’t tell me I have been spoon fed by Alex Jones. I
    look up EVERY SINGLE thing he claims to be true. And the only debatable
    ones he has EVER claimed as truth are 9/11 conspiracy claims. And those
    aren’t even false, just debatable. Psychology seeks, but fails.

  8. 6Death6Stalker6 says:

    Fynally people are wakyng up to the lye. Maynstream psychyatry’s a joke.

  9. gary matthew says:

    I wouldn’t go down that path of belief, if you want to truly know whats
    going on…

  10. luvmaika says:

    Jan Eastgate the former Head of CCHR International was arrested on the 26th
    may for covering up the rape of an 11 year old girl by her scientologist
    step father. What is worse than that is, Jan Eastgate told the 11 year old
    that it was her fault and that she pulled it in. You lost whatever
    credibility you had by taking the scientology cult and it’s front groups as
    a source or information. Supporter of paedos.

  11. evh5150316 says:

    “It was REALLY embarrassing how popular I was. ” If that isn’t an AWESOME
    line for the next Anchorman movie I have no idea!!! That was AWESOME!

  12. AiresQX4 says:

    Actually he has many times.

  13. latinchulo13 says:

    I like the way you came back and cleaned it up. Good job Alex…

  14. yeah leave them alone, the author of this article after reading the
    comments might commit suicide, lol

  15. Nogard229 says:

    You can attack the government, you can attack people in general, but
    psychology wow.

  16. David OCruadhlaoich says:

    obama won because he of the people behind him. all those fuckers who cant
    go to countries around the world because they will be arrested, and why?
    because their war criminals. all obama is is a black face on what has
    always been there. a two party system with the same people running behind
    it all, and now no one can deny it

  17. most psychology majors I meet here in college are idiots.

  18. AnotherAlexChannel says:

    C’mon Doug play nice. If you want news coverage of all the days events then
    make a show that is watched by millions and deliver the news yourself. That
    is alot better then bashing all of Alexes viewers. DON’T WATCH THE SHOW IF
    YOU DON’T LIKE IT. It’s for that reason I stopped watching yours.

  19. KevZen2000 says:

    Psychologist make you feel worse, and they label almost everything a
    disability. Drugging you up, is not a solution to mental illness in 90% of
    the time.

  20. rednxrule says:

    keep up the good work alex. you are waking the worlrd up. god bless you

  21. spankfoam says:

    you dont need to explain yourself to those freaks alex, we know the score,
    we know their sordid behaviour

  22. WakeUpInDaMorning1 says:

    Phycology’s a lie!

  23. gary matthew says:

    I believe alex jones needs hitting….. He needs questioning more than most
    cause his stuff in afterall questionable……I think it’s showbizz. I
    think,Alex is quite well off,he’s not a paranoid idiot(!,maybe)….but many
    listeners are…he’s not helping them…though this is not his
    fault…derectly…..still, this is the price for a man in Alexs
    position….he wages war and is warred against…all is as it should be. He
    says some interesting stuff,I don’t agree or trust him.

  24. ANewDay2007 says:

    Thank you. These “elite” are stone crazy if they believe that ALL Americans
    are *that* stupid. “Conspiracy theory” – yet the idiot over at Psychology
    Today couldn’t dispute all of the NWO evidence that Alex Jones sent to him.
    He’s laughing instead of taking his stupid ass to the internet, books &
    newspapers to research for himself. The “globalists” aren’t exactly hiding
    their existence anymore. They’re broadcasting their presence EVEN MORE now.

  25. tarapiglet says:

    Look up this video CCHR: The Difference Between Medical Disease &
    Psychiatric Disorder

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