An Inspirational Quote from Gryphon (Tobuscus Instagram Video)

Next Instagram – Prev Instagram – Hey Audience! I’ve been posting mini-skits to my Instagram and wanted to share …


  1. Niall Cottrell says:


  2. Galaxy Bunny says:

    Cabonet! WHO HAS LEFT YOU OPON?!?!
    Like if you know what i`m talking about…

  3. daniella skull says:

    It’s my birthday

  4. bigbry1994 says:

    He went full retard…

  5. YaMumIsALizzard says:

    I still think gryphon really talks in these vids

  6. dadulica hoz says:

    TIME PHAHAHA! Oh man… you’re funny CoD.. A GOOD GAME! XD PHAHAHA!

  7. jahlani michel says:

    you just wanted to say the last sentence but you had to have a reason you
    didnt really mean anything you said till you said this I’m 6’9, 220 pounds
    of chiseled ebony steel

  8. L0ST1231 says:

    Well, hey, whatever floats your boat.

  9. Hmmmm, i dont know, maybe more like a You’re a faggot

  10. pemarkley says:

    I’m a girl. A fanGIRL. And I think that all of us agree that insulting
    someone over the internet is dumb and rude. PS, why use “gay” as a insult?

  11. sonny8023 says:

    I fucking love Toby’s Gryphon voice.

  12. MinecraftLazydudes says:

    You just went fully Retard!!! NEVER GO FULLY RETARD

  13. Taiyo Ta says:

    Wow youre fat

  14. DeathStalker☢ says:

    all of the above 😀

  15. Ashikul Islam Limon says:

    @Gameron3 Thanks bro! InstaPimp worked like a charm!. Over 4,400 new active
    IG followers –>

  16. StupidSheepGaming says:

    Gryphon has a channel its called gryphon turner like the comment below mine

  17. Bramble Snow says:

    Yep, all day.

  18. My friend is studying these as we speak.

  19. Sephlite says:

    Looking for any type of attention you can get, eh?

  20. corruption789 says:

    -Rejects don’t have followers dipshit. -Call of Duty is absolute garbage,
    it stopped being good after the original developers dropped it, i’m sure
    you’re not smart enough to know that. – I play minecraft and i bet i could
    rip your throat out in a few short moments. – Video games don’t make you
    gay, not even if you’re a legitimate gay guy playing games, which makes you
    look even more fucking stupid as well as unaccepting to different people. –
    “Toby Retards” are going to fuck you hard, punk bitch

  21. MyNameIsVen says:

    Toby still gets more pussy then you because your a hater and he’s successful

  22. ViperEntertainment69 says:

    you want to fight just bring it cuz I don’t care how big you are if you are
    as big as you say and think Toby is gay why do you watch him

  23. Oh yeah I know that. That gentleman was trolling quite hard.

  24. danforth salunek says:

    better then you could EVER do and just cuz you don’t like minecraft doesn’t
    mean your a homosexual so LFCSuarezYNWA what the hell are you ranting about
    on this guys Chanel skyrim nerd “OMG ebony steel” go to the would LOSER

  25. HOTJIMI4EVER says:

    I want ur dog !!!!!

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