Anyone know what these are?

Question by gryphen: Anyone know what these are?
1. Consistency. If you have made a commitment to the group and then break it, you can be made to feel guilty.

2. Reciprocity. If you accept the group’s food and attention, you feel you should repay them.

3. Social proof. If you look around in the group, you will see people behaving in particular ways. You imitate what you see and assume that such behavior is proper, good, and expected.

4. Authority. If you tend to respect authority, and your leader claims superior knowledge, power, and special missions in life, you accept him as an authority.

5. Liking. If you are the object of love bombing and other tactics that surround you, make you feel wanted and loved, and make you like the people in the group, you feel you ought to obey these people.

6. Scarcity. If you are told that without the group you will miss out on living a life without stress; miss out on attaining cosmic awareness and bliss; miss out on changing the world instantly; you will feel you must buy in now.
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To RAY: quite the contrary. I’m the most honorable person I know. I love humanity, that’s why I ask these questions. If I wanted to be alone, I wouldn’t be here. ☻

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Answer by mdell27
So thats how religion survives.

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  1. How to Primer to Induct People into a Cult

  2. Yes, I do.

  3. Personal Laptop Jesus, w/ gay! says:

    From Eric Hofflers “The True Believer”

  4. The way people are controled in A cult.

    Love and blessings Don

  5. Is this something to do with Scientology??

  6. Kishimojun says:

    Social Psychology definition of a cult.

  7. SeekingTruth says:

    I would say rules on social convention.

  8. kitty kat says:

    The 6 weapons of influence by Robert Cialdini
    The 48 laws of power by robert greene covers much more

  9. david_adl says:


  10. what does this make YOU 1 you don’t keep your word 2 you take what you want 3 you want to stand out 4 you don;t like authory 5 you don’t like others 6 you want to be alone

  11. lessgov2007 says:

    What do I win if I answer this correctly?

  12. Valerie C says:

    Religions guidelines…

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