Are you working for money or personal development?

Question by b4contact: Are you working for money or personal development?
I define personal development in this case when the work you do is something that helps you grow as a professional and individual.
Working for money is normally when someone works something that is not necessary what you like but helps you to get your economic goals.

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Answer by Don
I would rather work for personal development over money any day.

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  1. house mouse says:

    I work for personal development.

  2. I am working for money now.
    But I am not satisfied with this situation, so I have joined this program and try to convert all this thing, I want to let money work for me:

  3. budding author says:

    I guess I’ve been lucky , I started by going for the personal development thing, college apprenticeship etc etc.
    Then started work in my chosen field, still with my eye on personal development mainly via experience related to my job.
    I found myself going up the ladder, then one day I saw the light, I had a nice office , I was now a manager, good salary, pension deal etc all the perks.
    I was looking at the array of pencils I had just sharpened, great days work!!!
    I then thought this isn’t what I want to be doing.I was getting good money in the UK for what?
    I had been reading a UK National newspaper, Engineering jobs available , I went back to it.
    I got an interview, I got the job with an American company working in Saudi , 3 times the salary I was on at the time, no tax, free accomadation, free food, free trips home on leave to the UK!
    So I had money and doing the job I wanted, I never looked back.
    Now retired and I dont regret giving up this personal development thing, In fact I dont regret any part of my working life.
    I wish I had a formula to share with other folk, but I dont . Just go with whatever makes you happy , by all means suffer a bit at first get your qualifications and experience , choose your field of work with a great deal of thought , and good luck to you all.

  4. MavistheMaven says:

    I work for money, but the jobs I choose are based on personal satisfaction and devlopment.

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