Baggie Ties of Basehouse, Diptych 1/2: A Meditation/ Playplace for Cubby 2005 – 2010

A few nice meditation techniques images I found:

Baggie Ties of Basehouse, Diptych 1/2: A Meditation/ Playplace for Cubby 2005 – 2010
meditation techniques
Image by Chase Alias
Basehouse: A Meditation/ Playplace for Cubby.
Who is cubby and why is he meditating and/ or playing in this space? To further understand these things you must first grab hold of Cubby’s remote control. Walk slowly and carefully through his mazelike world. Look closely at all of his visual ramblings. Turn his world on and off using his remote. Sit where he sat while he thought about the world around him and while he did “other” things. Create a rhythm with the lights and sounds using the remote as he did and become part of this work of art yourself. Just as the artist David Pollack did when he created the character named Cubby.

By turning the camera on himself, and selecting the photographic Genre of self-portraiture, David Pollack is attempting to create a canon of works consisting of probing, surprising, and thoughtful images. Although, the majority of his photographs are pictures of him, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. Rather, Pollack uses himself as a vehicle for commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world. Pollack employs acting, in particular method acting, to create characters and lifestyles in which these characters choose to exist. He employs concepts of method acting to create characters, such as Cubby. He lives his life completely immersed in these characters lifestyles for years before building his installations ands then finally photographing himself as these characters. His final artworks are stunning full scale installation, sculpture and photography as seen here in Basehouse: A Meditation/ Playplace for Cubby.

This work of Immersion art is performed by Chase Alias and photographed by David Pollack. Immersion Artistist David Pollack spends years developing his characters. The development of these two characters happened over a period of 7 years. Cubby’s Basehouse and then Chase Alias’ Craigslist are David’s newest series of works.

Immersion Art, Method Acting s a phrase that loosely refers to a family of techniques by which actors try to create in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters in an effort to develop lifelike performances. It can be contrasted with more classical forms of acting, in which actors simulate thoughts and emotions of their character through external means, such as vocal intonation or facial expression without psychological involvement on their playing role. Though not all Method actors use the same approach, the "method" in Method acting usually refers to the practice, advocated by Lee Strasberg, by which actors draw upon their own emotions and memories in their portrayals, aided by a set of exercises and practices including sense memory and affective memory.

Affective memory, also known as emotional memory, is an element of Stanislavski’s ‘system’ and of Method Acting, two related approaches to acting. Affective memory requires actors to call on personal memories of situations similar (or more recently a situation with similar emotional import) to those of their characters. Stanislavski believed actors needed to take emotion and personality to the stage and call upon it when playing their character. He also explored the use of objectives, the physical body’s effect on emotions, and empathizing with the character.

"Emotional recall" is the basis for Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting. "Sense memory" is used to refer to the recall of physical sensations surrounding emotional events (instead of the emotions themselves). The use of affective memory remains a controversial topic in acting theory. (Wikipedia 2010)

Baba Nam Kevalam
meditation techniques
Image by premasagar
A Portuguese car sticker on an Indian car.

Baba Nam Kevalam‘ is a mantra that means:
‘Everything is an expression of one infinite, loving Consciousness’.

It can be sung as a way to open the heart and focus the mind (see kiirtan) before meditation, or can be internally repeated as a simple meditation technique.

Ananda Marga‘ is a global, social service and spiritual organisation that started in India.

And ‘Yoga e Meditacao’… I think you can guess.

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
Journey to the East set


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  2. Chase Alias says:

    I, David Pollack, was born March 9, 1979, in Hartford, CT. I was adopted at the age of seven months to a loving family in Monroe, CT. But for the first seven months I was abused by a foster family who was using the foster system to make money. They fed me Kool-Aid and kept me in a dark closet on the ground, never picking me up. When my adoptive parents finally got me I was catatonic. They didn’t know whether I would ever emerge from this state. Eventually I did becoming a very outgoing artist and actor. I’ve begun using the ideas that the injustices I was dealt as a baby from the social system I was a part of are felt by many and Im exploring that with my current series of photographs.

    Exploring social systems and how I personally fit into them came to me as an idea for my body of work when I was an art dealer in New York City. The year was 2002, and everything seemed perfect5 for me. As a young, upcoming art dealer in Chelsea I could not ask for much more. I had a ground floor gallery across from Pacewildenstein and a nice apartment on 19th St. Plus I was building a nice rep a young smart contemporary dealer and had built a nice following of collectors and a good stable of artists. But something was missing. In the back of my mind I knew that my need to create would never be fulfilled this way. On November 15th, 2002, I received the phone caqll that shook my world forever. My mother was dead. She was killed in a car accident on her way home from the car dealership after picking up her new convertible. The girl who ran her off then road had a high level of cocaine in her system. Cocaine! Well there it was something I suddenly and instantly hated. But I realized that there must be some sort of social stigma behind her use and abuse and I decided that instead of hating something I new nothing about I would instead learn everything I could about that world. SO I got rid of my apartment and gallery and moved home to Fairfield county. I decided to employ some of my acting abilities and used the ideas found in method acting.

    Using these concepts I created the character Cubby and in turn spent almost five years undercover as the character. I was on the streets as a hustler and user. I eventually left the streets and lived in my gallery space in Bridgeport CT (Jeffrey Weiss Gallery) where I built a full scale set and installation to photograph Cubby and his exploits. The past eight years of my life have been a challenging and rewarding rollercoaster. But in the end I have a series of stunning photographs of my fist character “Cubby” and a full scale installation.

    Shortly after finishing Basehouse I developed my next character named Chase Alias. He is a social networking photographer and musician who is just on the verge of stardom. I’m currently working on this serious of works and then installation for Chase called “Studio ChaseMe”. All of the works can be seen on Flickr under the name chaseme1979.

  3. gautam_halifax says:

    Baba nam kevalam
    param pita baba ki jay
    gurudev baba ki jay
    hamni ke baba ki jay

  4. martinjfernandez12 says:

    I love this mantra soothing and healing.

  5. Stella Klimt says:

    my favorite mantra…

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