Best book to understand how to manifest through law of attraction, vibrations?

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Question by Iced: Best book to understand how to manifest through law of attraction, vibrations?
I heard about these “Seth” books but I was reading about them, and they sound a little creepy, i dunno? Just want to understand about the whole vibrational energy thing and how it works to use law of attraction.

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Answer by Logan
Never heard about Seth books. The nicest way to put it is that the “law of attraction” is false and that there is no such thing as “vibrational energy” in the sense of vibrations that somehow influence human minds.

There is a geniune part of psychology that researches attraction (I recommend reading the chapter on attraction in Richard Wiseman’s book “59 Seconds”) between humans, but anything involving sending thoughts out into the universe to obtain a desired goal should be met with a lot of skepticism.

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  2. Rev. Lynn D. says:

    I Like ” Infinite Possibilities” by Mike Dooley

  3. Nope, because I use to it already. Especially my friends’ faces of jealous XD

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