Chewbacca mask lady lives her best life with IRL Chewbacca at Facebook HQ



Candace Payne’s unstoppable joy has made it to Facebook HQ.

The Texas mom and Star Wars enthusiast, who delighted the Internet with her ecstatic reaction to a Chewbacca mask, visited Facebook headquarters on Tuesday after a special invitation from Mark Zuckerberg.

We invited Candace Paynewhose Chewbacca mask video got 141 million views and is now the most-watched Facebook Live video ever, to come by Facebook HQ today,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post. “And we had a fun surprise for her!”

That surprise was an IRL Chewbacca — a fitting companion for Payne’s day in Silicon Valley. And from the looks of it, the two had the best day ever. Read more…

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Little girl gets stuck on spinning hoverboard of doom



“This is one thing you should not do.”

After telling her sister just how terrible of an idea it is to go spinning out of control on a hoverboard, this little girl lets things get a bit out of hand.

Now, if you’ve dared to hop on a hoverboard, you know that it once you start going it can be really hard to stop. 

And at first everything is going swell for this kid, but after about 10 seconds of spinning things start to turn dark.

“Jamie, I’m serious. I can’t stop,” the girl pleads. 

But Jamie is no help at all. In fact, she makes it worse and the girl’s spinning turns into a loop, and the kid eventually ends up smashing into the wall.  Read more…

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Android is boring



At Google I/O this week, the company has shown off tons of new stuff. And although most of the stuff isn’t actually available, that doesn’t mean it isn’t super cool.

So much of what Google has shown off at I/O has been interesting. And even if some of that stuff seems to be a response to other companies and products, you can’t say that stuff like Google Home and Google Assistant look compelling.

Which brings us to Android

Historically, Google I/O has been a very Android-heavy show, with its mobile operating system dominating the keynote and subsequent developers sessions. And that makes sense, seeing as how Android has become central to much of Google’s ecosystem. Read more…

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Edible six-pack rings let you have your beer and help the environment, too



Activists have long advocated for snipping the plastic six-pack rings that bind together cans and put wildlife at risk. Now, a Florida brewery is shunning plastic rings entirely, replacing them with a biodegradable version made from natural brewing byproducts. To top it off, the alternative product is edible

The project is the brainchild of the ad agency We Believers, which enlisted a team of engineers to create the rings and approached South Florida-based Saltwater Brewery about a partnership a couple of months ago. The conservation-conscious brewery, which is located in Delray Beach and works with charitable organizations including the Surfrider Foundation and Coastal Conservation Association, immediately jumped at the opportunity to combine its two passions, brewery President Chris Gove told MashableRead more…

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Huawei to announce Daydream-ready devices by the end of 2016



Huawei has announced it will be one of the first smartphone manufacturers to support Google’s virtual reality platform Daydream.

According to the company, there will be announcements about Daydream-ready phones, headsets and controllers by the end of the year.  

“Huawei looks forward to working with Google and other global industry leaders to build an ecosystem and bring rich and compelling Daydream experiences to users through transformative innovations in VR devices, applications and content,” the company wrote in a press release.  Read more…

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Netflix launches, a dead simple way to test your Internet speed



Now that watching video is one of biggest uses of the web, the speed of your connection has never been more important. 

To that end, Netflix, one of the primary sources of what the entertainment industry calls over the top (OTT) content, launched a tool on Wednesday that lets you test your Internet speed.

This isn’t any old website. The company cleverly managed to snag the most appropriate domain out there: That’s one of the best domain names — for any service — you could possibly have. 

No technical knowledge is needed. Simply visit and the site immediately starts calculating what your current Internet download speed is Read more…

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Smiley picture of Kim Jong Un sparks essential Photoshop battle



Obviously the North Korean officials aren’t familiar with the fine art of the Photoshop battle.

They can’t be. If they were, they’d know only too well that releasing a new picture of Kim Jong Un — and specifying that it’s an untouched photo — could only lead to one thing.

Here’s the original, in all its cheerful glory.

Kim Jong Un untouched photo

Just a regular, smiley photo. What could possible go wrong?

Image: Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP

It wasn’t long before the image ended up in r/photoshopbattles, where it quickly drummed up thousands of comments. Read more…

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Moosh the malamute and Ginger the dachshund are cute but mischievous ‘siblings’



Here is an unlikely dog duo that’ll brighten up your Instagram feed.

Moosh the 9-year-old malamute and 3-year-old dachshund Ginger are a so-called brother and sister who have been getting plenty of attention on their account @malamutemoosh

Owner Olivia Rogers, a recently graduated speech therapist from Adelaide, Australia, explained while the two might look adorable together, they battle like siblings usually do — thanks to their conflicting personalities.

“They couldn’t be more different. Ginger’s a bit of a moll, basically,” Rogers told Mashable Australia. “She’s very cute … but I think she’s got small man syndrome.” Read more…

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See what it’s like to be an astronaut through Snapchat



To celebrate the International Space Station’s 100,000th orbit around the Earth, astronaut and Space Station commander Tim Kopra documented his day via Snapchat. Here are some of our favorite clips from his fun-filled day. Prepare for Snapchat Story envy.

Full story: Read more…

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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ video is an LA dance party



If Justin Timberlake’s new single were a PSA, the message would be to just keep dancing. 

Since the start of Timberlake’s career, music videos have become vehicles for storytelling and evolved into full-length films, but for “Can’t Stop the Feeling” lets the music talk so all you have to do is dance.

Timberlake and 14 others – normal people, just like us! – jam to the song around Los Angeles, from solo performances in laundromats and outside fast food joints to loosely choreographed steps under a highway overpass.  Read more…

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