The Internet can’t stop talking about Aishwarya Rai’s purple lips at Cannes



Indian actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai’s annual appearance at the Cannes Film Festival is a closely watched affair in India. This year, Rai startled a lot of people when she appeared on the red carpet with purple lips.

Rai wore the lip shade with a Rami Kadi floral gown for the premiere of her forthcoming film Sarbjit. The look divided Twitter, with some hailing it as an edgy beauty trend and others joking about it.

A Cannes veteran, Rai however, couldn’t care less about the fashion police. 

“I was not nervous (abut the Cannes look) as it has been 15 years (since I have been) representing L’Oreal here. I enjoy fashion and I treat it like art,” she told reporters. “So it doesn’t stress me out. It doesn’t get me nervous… I am a professional.” Read more…

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Amazon increasing its private-label products, report says



Online retail giant Amazon is planning to dramatically increase the private-label products it will be offering to consumers in the next few weeks, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal

Products ranging from laundry detergent to baby food to perishable foods like nuts and coffee will soon be available on Amazon under a variety of in-house brand names, including Happy Belly and Mama Bear, according to the report. 

There’s one catch, though: according to the report, the new products will — at least initially — only be offered to Amazon Prime subscribers.  Read more…

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An after hours guide for getting the most out of Washington, D.C.



You didn’t come to a new city to go to bed at 10 p.m.

You came to explore, live it up and try something new. To make every hour count after the sun goes down in Washington, D.C., you’ll need more than a listing of the national monuments.

Here’s where to go (and when) if your weekend hours are anything but 9 to 5.

5 p.m. The Twisted Horn

It’s time to head to the before cocktails, also known as the pregame. Begin at Petworth’s new hot spot, the Twisted Horn. The drink menu is short but delicious, with the kind of craft cocktails you’d expect and also a surprising wine list. Read more…

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Meat backpacks are a rare and delicious looking fashion accessory



Looking to “beef up” your fashion game? Sounds like you need a delicious new backpack.

Village Vanguard is selling some stylish backpacks that realistically resemble steaks, and we’re fairly certain that they’ll take your style level from rare to well-done.

The marvelous meat backpacks are made from soft velour, have adjustable straps and even a convenient inside pocket (in case you want to store some meat, we assume).

If raw meat isn’t exactly your thing, Yomyomf suggests a lovely alternative — a savory looking cheeseburger backpack.  Read more…

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Indian airlines SpiceJet gets a fine of Rs 1 million for offloading disabled passenger



In a landmark judgement, India’s Supreme Court has asked budget Indian airlines SpiceJet to pay Rs 1 million ($ 15,000) in damages to a disabled passenger, who was forcibly offloaded from a flight in 2012. The court said that the deboarding of the flyer, who suffers from cerebral palsy, reflected a “total lack of sensitivity” and “unreasonable discrimination”.

Disability rights activist Jeeja Ghosh was deboarded from a SpiceJet flight in Kolkata to Goa in February 2012. Ironically, she was traveling to attend a conference on disability. The court noted that the airlines did not give Ghosh “appropriate, fair and caring treatment”, and called its decision to deboard her “uncalled for” and in violation of “human dignity”. Read more…

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GPS devices reveal what the U.S. is really doing with its toxic e-waste



A two-year investigation of electronics recycling using GPS tracking devices has revealed that policies aimed at curtailing the trade in toxic e-waste have been unsuccessful, with nearly one-third of the devices being exported to developing countries, where equipment is often dismantled in low-tech workshops — often by children — endangering workers, their families, and contaminating the surrounding environment.

A report from the Basel Action Network (BAN), a Seattle-based nonprofit devoted to ending the trade in toxic waste, raises major questions about U.S. government e-waste policies and oversight as well as the voluntary programs the electronics recycling industry relies on to ensure that this equipment is handled responsibly. BAN’s early data has already resulted in one major recycler losing an important certification as a responsible e-waste handler and launched state investigations into possible hazardous waste violations. The data BAN obtained with these tracking devices also shows equipment left at Read more…

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Hollywood movies are getting too long, but there’s an elegant solution



The year was 2006, and the place was suburban Michigan. It was Friday, and for this night and many to come, hundreds of locals would gather at the Novi Town Center 8. From 2005 to 2010, the 8-screen theater specialized in Indian movies, especially Hindi-language Bollywood films.

Halfway through these movies, there is a customary intermission built right into the film reel — a chance to step out, stretch your legs, maybe grab a samosa or masala chai from the concession counter. 

The Novi Town Center’s cinema shut down in 2010. But as Hollywood movies grow lengthier and lengthier, it might be time to introduce the intermission to a new world of audiences. Read more…

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This mom’s graduation dream is 33 years in the making



Bonnie Johnson takes the term “non-traditional college student” to a whole new level.

Like many Americans, Johnson had a dream of obtaining a college degree. But unlike so many of the Kennesaw State University graduates crossing the stage this morning, Johnson’s dream wasn’t achieved in a linear, four-year-long fashion.

In fact, realizing her goal took more than three decades. Johnson began pursuing a degree in business administration in 1983. Before she was able to graduate, however, life threw her more than a couple curveballs.

With two premature children born with special needs, Johnson found her academic interests took a backseat to caring for her children Read more…

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Siri’s creators introduce Viv, their new AI-powered personal assistant



Siri may be synonymous with the words “digital assistant,” but Apple’s sassy assistant will soon have a lot more competition — and it’s going to come from the same people who first created Siri in 2007.

Viv, a new artificial intelligence-powered assistant app, just made its formal public debut and it looks like the app will be well worth the waitDag Kittlaus, the company’s CEO (and one of the original Siri cofounders), took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on Monday to show off the assistant in the company’s first public demonstration of the app. 

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Tron Light Cycle rollercoaster video looks like a scene from the movie



Last year, we told you about the amazing new Tron-inspired rollercoaster planned for the Shanghai Disney Resort. But back then we only had concept drawings. Now the Lightcycle Power Run rollercoaster is finished and has started taking passengers, and the ride lives up to last year’s hype. 

In a video posted on Sunday, a rider gives us a first-person point of view as the Tron rollercoaster whizzes through a maze of futuristic twists and turns. This might be as close as you’ll get (for now) to riding a real Tron light cycle in a similarly Tron-esque environment. 

Is it worth taking a trip all the way to China? Watch the video (above) and judge for yourself.  Read more…

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