Scorched remains: Haunting images from a city destroyed by wildfire



New photos offer a haunting look at the aftermath of the destructive Fort McMurray wildfire in Canada that has forced more than 80,000 people from their homes. It’s feared the blaze, which has already burned an area larger than the city of Chicago, will double in size by the end of Saturday.

The scorched remains of a melted swing set, charred cars and ashy, exposed living rooms are all that’s left in the burned out neighborhoods of the city of Alberta. The blaze may also reach the neighboring province of Saskatchewan, authorities warned.

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Seagull basically forces family to accept it as their pet



If you thought seagulls existed solely to swoop in and steal your snacks on the beach, think again. We also have to fear seagulls strolling through our homes and stealing our pet’s food.

According to The Herald a seagull, nicknamed Beakie, visits a family’s home, ”six times a day to steal cat biscuits.”

Beakie apparently loves Andrew and Jacqui Merrington’s house and has made himself a part of the family by persistently knocking on the glass sliding door with his beak whenever he wants to visit.

Merrington told The Herald“My daughter named it as it would just loiter around and was a fixture on our decking all last summer.” Read more…

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8 GIFs that perfectly capture the stormy state of the GOP



So it has come to this.

Donald Trump is alone atop the heap of GOP candidates that have been eaten up by this election cycle. On Tuesday, Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and on Wednesday John Kasich followed suit.

Now, Republicans across the country are either freaking out or trying to find some semblance of calm after nothing has gone according to plan over the past 11 months. 

So how are the various groups of the GOP taking the news? Well, mileage may vary.

Reince Priebus

The man in charge of the Republican National Committee seems to be taking things in stride, tweeting that Trump was the presumptive nominee before Kasich even dropped out. He also retweeted a GOP tweet, thanking former candidates for a hard fought campaign and saying the party was better off after the highly contentious primary contests that, at one point, devolved into discussions about penis size. Read more…

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Clinton lets GOP throw the blows in first attack ad against Trump



With Donald Trump emerging as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Democrat leaders are beginning to launch attacks on the real estate mogul as the 2016 campaign shifts into general election mode.

With Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the race, Trump is the only GOP candidate left standing and Republican leadership is putting their weight behind him now, like it or not.

So on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, launched an ad aimed directly at Trump, her first major salvo in the general election campaign. But, in a bit of a twist, the ad uses the words of GOP leaders and fellow GOP candidates against Trump, a nice bit of political handiwork in a time when the GOP is trying to pick up the pieces and unify after a brutal primary campaign. Read more…

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Your labrador can’t help but beg for food. Really, it’s in his genes.



When your dog looks up at you hopefully with big, sad eyes, begging for a treat, it can be hard to say no  in spite of your best intentions for restricting your pet to a healthier diet.

And one dog breed tests their owners more frequently, with more persistent begging than other breeds, according to a new study.

Labrador retrievers were found to be more inclined than other dog breeds to beg for treats, and to generally engage in behaviors related to getting more food. And the reason lies in their DNA, researchers found.

The study’s lead author, Eleanor Raffan — a veterinary surgeon and geneticist at the University of Cambridge in England — told Live Science that she was inspired to explore labrador obesity because she was seeing an unusually high number of overweight labs in her veterinary clinic. Read more…

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Facebook continues Southeast Asia march with new Malaysia office



Just two weeks from its Philippines office opening, Facebook has launched another office in Malaysia.

Facebook’s Asia-Pacific vice president, Dan Neary, announced the opening Wednesday.

He said the company counts 18 million Malaysians as active users, which makes up 81% of the country’s Internet base.

Facebook said 94% of its 12 million daily users access the social network via mobile phones.

Malaysians are also a social bunch. They have 60% more friends than the global average number on Facebook, and as a country are ranked 10th in the world for having the most friends. Read more…

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Rejoice, for an NSFW coloring book full of penises may be in your future



Want to make penis art? Well, soon, it might not be so hard.

The Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring Book is the latest in a slew of trendy adult coloring books — and definitely the most adult. 

The volume, which is still in the funding stages, was designed by two architects who discovered that “approximately 90% of buildings — and a lot of everyday objects — look like dicks.” The natural next step? Make a penis-themed coloring book.

A recent promotional video extolls the value of “the coloring book you didn’t know you needed.” Each page is unique, hand-drawn and incredibly detailed — exactly what you’d want from a coloring book full of dicks. Read more…

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13 celebrity Instagrams from inside the White House Correspondents’ Dinner



Sure, we tune in to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to see two groups of people with little sense of humor about themselves — politicians and press members  — grimace through jokes at their expense. 

But really, we also tune in for rare glimpses of celebrities downing flutes of champagne in the background.

Thanks to Instagram, however, we can get a closer look at those celebrities in attendance at Saturday night’s dinner.  Read more…

Kerry Washington and Vice President Joe Biden

Shonda Rhimes

JC Chasez of ‘N Sync and Adriana Lima

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This creepy mother daughter face swap is so good it will haunt you



There are lots of face swaps in the world, but only a few of them will stick with you forever.

Ben Coughran perfectly swapped his daughter’s face with a picture of his wife printed on a sweatshirt in honor of the wife’s birthday. There’s no better birthday present than making someone laugh until they cry.

Goodbye, sleep.

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Texas man proves why we don’t need bathroom police



As if anti-LGBTQ laws aren’t restrictive enough, some people are now taking bathroom-policing into their own hands. 

This was the experience of Jessica Rush, a Texas woman who attempted to use a woman’s restroom at the Baylor Medical Center in Frisco this week, only to be followed into the bathroom by a man. 

Rush said the man, who she estimated was 6’4″ compared to her 5’3″, followed her all the way inside the bathroom, and she said it never occurred to her that he wanted to make sure she was a woman until he said so. 

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