Why Virgo Men Hate Lazy Women

Dating a Virgo quoteNot just lazy women!

Even the “laid back” types.  The real “chill” type girls.

You know, the ones that you see usually just hanging with the guys, sittin’ out on the porch, having a brew with the fellas.

For most guys, this girl is heaven sent!  But for Virgos it’s a total turnoff

What To Do If You Are Dating A Virgo

Since Virgo men are constantly doing work, a fellow lady should keep up with him on that. She needs to be active, determined, and positive. In order to fully attract this Virgo man type, the potential lady should be sympathetic to him. Since a Virgo male slowly opens up to female, she will need to practice patience in that area. His emotions are basically internalize, and he rarely fully and completely expresses them. He would rather do some work to keep him busy; therefore, he could ignore his true feelings and keep them all bottled up. The lady should ultimately try to talk to him slowly and gently, so he can open up to her. Then, they can thrive together once the communication barriers are removed. The female would need to be alert and wise.

If you are going to date a Virgo, be prepared to be highly active, engaged and talkative.  If not, you may want to steer clear.


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