The WORST Workout Advice You Are Probably Listening To EVER!

Dear confused fitness enthusiast,I know there’s a LOT of conflicting information out there on fitness, and you want to know how to get healthy. So…I’m kind of an expert at this stuff. Here’s the double secret formula to losing weight and getting healthy.

These are  just a few of the horribly bad tips Steve covers in his post!

Once you get over to his site I suggest you sign up and get you bookmarker ready.

You will end up on that site for hours!

So much good info presented in a way that is wildly entertaining.

If you’re a lady, avoid the free weights like the plague. Everybody knows that lifting weights will turn you into a bulky monster. If you MUST pick up a dumbbell, grab the little pink ones, and do as many reps as possible. I’m talking 50-60 reps per exercise. If you can’t do that many, get a lighter weight.


Unfortunately, this also includes things like groceries, the laundry, a backpack, your children, a laptop, etc.

What your body language really says about you – Amy Cuddy


We know that our body language can send all types of unconscious signals.

We know that we can tell someone exactly how we feel without ever speaking a single word.

But did you know that you body language says even more to you?

Amy Cuddy dives deeper into it during this Ted Talk.