What to say to a girl online – First Message

what to say to a girl onlineIf you want to know what to say to a girl online for your first message, I would HIGHLY suggest you watch the video below…. and proceed to do the EXACT OPPOSITE!


The kids are insane!


The majority of the time pick up lines just don’t work.

To get a girls attention online your very best bet is ALWAYS going to be humor

The Secret On How To Make A Girl Laugh | How To Impress A Girl

Why do girls like a guy with a sense of humour

a sense of humourWhen you go on a date, both of you might have only met several times, and you don’t have any idea what the other likes and dislikes. In such an uncomfortable situation, if you could find some interesting topic to talk about and share something in common so as to make the atmosphere more relaxing, a sense of humour is universal. And if you can ease the awkward atmosphere and turn it into a more pleasing and enjoyable one, the girl will share her interests with you on the date. And the bright and witty characters will bring the two of you closer. No one likes to sit on a bench gazing at each other without a word being spoken. Use your thoughts to turn restrained and dreary air into a lively and cheerful situation.

The point is, women like to have a good time.  And making her laugh is a great way to let her know she will have a good time with you.

So if you ever get stuck with what to say to a girl online for your first message… JUST DONT BE BORING!

That’s it!  You win!

Why Is Love So Damn Scary?

love is hardThere are many obstacles that can ruin relationships. Aside from finances, in-laws, and careers, one big problem that comes up for not just a few couples is the fear of intimacy. Learning why your partner (or you) is (are) too paranoid about being close to someone physically and emotionally is the first major step to solving the issue.

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Why does love make my insides burn – Video

how to love again


We have no doubt what it feels like when cupids arrow hits us directly in the heart, however scientifically speaking, the happenings behind this splendid experience remain to be as complex as some of the greatest love stories. It may not answer all your burning questions about love, but it certainly does make you realize that when strikes, we are defenseless against its power.