Proof That Online Dating Really Works!



The results confirm that online dating is now one of the most common ways to meet future spouses. To ensure that the sample is representative of the U.S. population, uSamp controls for factors such as time spent online in daily life. Over one-third of the people who married between 2005 and 2012 reported meeting their spouse online. About half of all people who met their spouse online met through online dating, whereas the rest met through other online venues such as chat rooms, online games, or other virtual worlds. And online marriages were durable. In fact, people who met online were slightly less likely to divorce and scored slightly higher on marital satisfaction. After controlling for demographic differences between the online and real-world daters, those differences remained statistically significant, the team reported online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

How To Get A Girl’s Attention Using Online Dating Sites

how to get a girls attention online

You have to become an online “stalker” so to speak, to really get a girls attention. SHE WANTS IT!

Another really good online dating question for me:

Zawaii asked

do you message all the girls which you have interest in or do you select a few and message them?

Now there are a ton of mixed feelings about this.  Should you extensively go through each and every profile until you find that “perfect match” so that you dont waste any time -or

Do you message any and everyone online to increase you chances and have more experience talking with women in general?

Here was one of the best answers

It depends if you’ll take people not responding to you well. If you can get over the fact not everyone will respond then you’ll be fine.

I only message the people I’m interested in so if the conversation continues so will I, or I reply back to the people that interest me (unsolicited messages). Otherwise I don’t want to waste my time (and theirs) with messaging people I’m not interested in.

Now although he makes a good point.  I could not disagree more.

My experience has proven… the more the merrier.Get as much practice as you can. The more you get super picky looking for that perfect profile… the more you end up with weeks gone by and you haven’t sent out a single message.

Just go for it!

Here is one of the BEST reasons to try my method: Kingcal says:I’ve used it to get laid pretty easily. Contrary to popular belief, not all girls on that website are just looking for a serious relationship. A lot of just want to meet people to go out and have fun with. Read a girl’s profile, find something interesting and send her a short, unique message. I only get on OKC like once a week, and I’ll message maybe 8-10 girls, then wait for replies. Maybe get 4-5 replies, and then quickly get numbers. I will usually meet most of the girls numbers I get, and I’ve had sex with five.