Want To Get A Girlfriend? Avoid The “Friend Zone”

The friend zone chart

Want to learn how to get a girlfriend? Stay the hell out of the friend zone!

It has been a popular debate for some time that you should be friends with a girl before you date if you want her to eventually become your girl friend.

Even popular sites like WikiHow are promoting it with this recent article


Be friends with her. This girl isn\’t just suddenly going to like you out of the blue. If you have a lesson in the same building, try “accidentally” bumping into her. apologize, smile and try to start a conversation. pretend you\’ve forgotten her name so you can introduce yourself properly. Eg: “oh, sorry! hey, i\’ve seen you round before. what\’s your name again? well susie, my name is____. what lesson are you going to?”  once you\’ve had a conversation with her, she\’ll be thinking about it for a good while afterward. Don\’t keep bumping into her every chance you get; she\’ll find this very annoying. instead, try talking to her friends and joining one of the club\’s she is in (only do this at the beginning of a term or try joining with one of your friends so it seems less weird).

Man, I just STRONGLY disagree with this!

Yes, in a perfect world maybe.

In most cases though, the longer you are friends . . .. .  the longer you are friends.


That is why you should just start with online dating. Online it is already understood.  You are all there for the same reason.

If you opened up a new resturant what would you rather have:  A really great design and the brightest sign…. or be placed in the middle of a hungry crowd?

Your call


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How To Seduce A Girl

How To Seduce A Girl

How To Seduce A Girl

Ok let’s face it. Men want to seduce women in order to take off their clothes and have sex with them. And the ideal would be to seduce them as quickly as possible. It’s all about testosterone. Men prioritize according to their sexual needs and that’s a fact. But how to seduce a woman quickly and eff

  1. “@d_stat7: Poetry is the easiest way to seduce a white girl”
  2. Start talking. Make her laugh. Women just love to laugh, it’s a fact. They are seduced by men with a quality sense of humor. But do not over do it. Don’t talk so much about yourself or your accomplishments. Don’t be selfish. Open your mind. You are not the only man in the world. This is critical. Stay focused on her thoughts and acts. Learn from her.
  3. Even when JT is talking specifically about a girl, I still feel like he’s tryna seduce me #ImYours
  4. How To Seduce A Woman – How To Attract Women (The Simple Method!) [How To Attract Women]

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How Being Shy Is Emptying Your Wallet!

secret spy

It’s true.

Being shy has some serious drawbacks!

Some drawbacks directly related to your pocketbooks.

It has been proven that people who are more confident enjoy the finer things… like better jobs, better relationships and more importantly…


That alone is enough reasons to look into a cure…. like…. NOW!



And, since I know firsthand what it’s like to be blessed with bashfulness in an office environment — I’d like to help. Today we’ll examine how shyness comes in all shapes and shades (i.e., the difference between an introverted personality type versus a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder) and explore some expert-approved tips on breaking free of that beautiful shell. The Basics of ShynessFirst off, let me remind you that shyness isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Lessons from Korean Scrub and Massage

I get out of my uniform, get completely naked except for my locker key around my waist, grab a small towel – the only kind over here – and enter the “wet area”. Whirlpools, jacuzzi, hot sauna, steam room, cold pool and a lot of naked women, too many for comfort level frankly, but alas, it doesn’t matter because nothing shall deter me from getting what I came here for!