All Women Fall Into One Of These Five Categories – Study Them

online dating profile pictureA recent study proves that women fall into only 5 general categories.

Understand, learn and study these personality types and you will be one step ahead when trying to approach women.

Especially when dating online. ¬†You can easily read the woman’s profile and already have an idea of what type she may be.


1. Trailblazers: Big spending, career-focused and individualistic women who consume a variety of media including entertainment on multiple platforms.

2. Passion-istas: Women who live for the moment.

3. Social-Siders: Experts in social-networking who treat TV as a social activity.

4. Peace-Keepers: Fiercely loyal consumers who stick to their favourite brands and TV shows (this group seeks stability in their lives).

5. Heart-Warmers: These take pride in and spend on their family.

Knowing what type of women you are talking to before you send that first message online will greatly increase the chances of you getting an actual reply.

Test it out and let me know your results.