could this mean anything?

Question by Squiggs: could this mean anything?
ive noticed 2 things recently.

i have noticed that i have to pee like a lot, its like twice within an hour.
i am not pregnant, havent had sex yet. and i dont think i have diabetes cuz i dont have any of the other symptoms, wel i have lost like 5 pounds like under 2 weeks .
what could it be? just peeing lots?

and second thing is that i have cold feet all the flippin time! and i mean like everyday no matter what time, and in the winter and in the summer. all year round.
what could it be? is it anything?

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Answer by Blue
it could be diabetes symptoms manifest in people in different ways is it in your family my dad had a scare like this it could also be a bladder condition I would see a Doctor

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