Did Oprah have a baby?

Question by xoxo: Did Oprah have a baby?
I just saw on tv Oprah had a baby or something…I only saw a minute of it….does anyone know the story?

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Answer by South Park Mob
look it up on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oprah

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If you’re going to borrow money from a friend, it helps if your friend is Oprah.
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  1. Havana Brown says:

    I think news like that would be all over the media. So, I’m going to guess, no.

  2. Serendipity says:

    I’m not sure of this info, but this is what I’ve heard:

    She was pregnant when she was young and being raped by relatives. But the baby died inside her or right after birth.

  3. No, I think if Oprah had had a baby it would have made international news. Maybe she is considering adopting a baby or maybe one of her family memembers has just had a baby

  4. Yes, his name is Steadman.

  5. I heard she did have a baby at 14, The baby was born prematurely and died..From the age of 10-14 she was raped by a family member..It was on the news..she had to come out with the info because a family member sold the info to the enquirer..

  6. she had a baby when she was 14, it died soon after being born

  7. Doll Face says:

    At 14 the gave brith. The baby was still-born.

  8. NO, that would be big big news.

  9. A self-described promiscuous teen who was a victim of sexual abuse, Winfrey gave birth at the age of 14, though her son died while still in infancy

  10. No. She ate a baby…LOL!!!

  11. Oprah had a baby when she was 14 and kept it a secret. It was a case of rape by a family member. The baby died shortly after birth. Now a family member told this story to a rag magazine for money, and Oprah admitted it. And ET interviewed Gayle King, her friend and she said Oprah can finally start the healing process because it’s out in the open now. Oprah didn’t tell Gayle until about 2 years into their friendship.

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