Do Atheists believe in Positive Thinking?

Question by St. Toad: Do Atheists believe in Positive Thinking?
Or is an attempt to influence reality by having a good attitude just another delusion?

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Answer by icarus62
We, of all people, believe in cause and effect, so yes of course we do.

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  1. Happykid says:

    I’m pretty sure the good of positive thinking has been shown scientifically.

  2. ZC the nonalcoholic drink says:

    Attitude has a lot to do with how we interact with the world and thus how we influence reality.

  3. d_chino_m says:


  4. Positive thinking is OK. It is the same thing as confidence, and a good attitude to life, work, etc.

    Wishful thinking is not OK, it is the beginnings of delusions.

  5. KnutSaved says:

    You can bet this atheist polar bear does.

  6. i’m atheist and i’m optimistic

  7. YDoncha Blowme Back WithVengence says:

    Of course I beleive in positive thinking. Its the reason “praying” works – religious people just fail to acknowledge the facts.

    Ever heard of the placebo effect?? Seeing as we have scientific evidence of its existence why wouldnt I beleive it? Unlike others, I actually pay attention to scientific evidence.

  8. It depends on what you mean by “influencing reality.”

    If you mean actually influencing events that are completely independent of yourself (such as “I’m going to think positively so that George Bush will be re-elected!), then yes, that is delusional.

    But using positive thinking to give yourself more confidence in a situation, then no, that is not delusional, it has been proven biologically to have an effect on the brain.

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Not really. I believe in realistic thinking. A good attitude feels better but that’s not quite the same as Positive Thinking which connotes effects on external circumstances beyond what actions in the world cause.

  10. Wrath Warbone says:

    Some of them believe in it.

  11. Maureen P says:

    Positive thinking is a valuable tool. I suggest everyone use it. There is no delusion in positive thinking. Positive thinking doesn’t mean lieing to yourself and pretending everything is wonderful. You have to be realistic at the same time. Positive thinking is what assists us in making a correct decision when dealing with problems. Negative thinking gets us caught up in irrational thinking and makes it difficult in decision making.

  12. Timmy Tarot says:

    no matter what you believe, we are all human.

  13. Hmmm, do I smell “The Secret” at work here?

    Like others have said, positive thinking affects how you interact in your world. Having optimism, drive and a good attitude can do wonders. However, there are limits. You can’t positive think yourself into the White House or the winning lottery ticket, but you can positively think yourself into reaching realistic goals.

  14. Sabrina H says:

    “Do Atheists believe in Positive Thinking?”

    Atheists may or may not believe in positive thinking. The only thing uniting all atheists is their lack of belief in a deity.

    “Or is an attempt to influence reality by having a good attitude just another delusion?”

    If you were to ask me personally, yes, attempting to influence reality by having a positive attitude is just another delusion.

    By definition.

    In an absolute, A=A sense, attempting to influence reality by thinking about it is delusional.

  15. Yes, atheists can be positive thinkers as easily as anyone else. In fact the world would be much better off if there was no such thing as religion and we were taught positive thinking instead. There would be a lot less wars and killing for sure. The idea that “my religion is better than your religion” has caused more suffering and bloodshed than any other cause.

  16. Printninja says:

    Thoughts do not affect physical reality in any significant way, although there appear to be certain aspects of the quantum field which are affected by an observer (Google waveform collapse.) But, these phenomenon mean little in the real world.

    ACTIONS based on positive thinking are an entirely different matter. No delusion there. If your positive thoughts result in you or someone else DOING something, than yes, positive thinking has a (removed) effect.

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