Does anyone have a funny short story?

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Question by Martha B: Does anyone have a funny short story?
I’m really bored, and I have nothing to do. Does someone have like a funny joke or a funny short story or something? Thanks.

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Answer by John
a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says ”why the long face” ahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaa

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  1. i have none sorry but go here:

    they have FUNNY stories haha

  2. Billy Mays is not my lover says:

    So this guy got shot in the asss

    Killed Em?

    Nah, Rectum

  3. Look up the “Dumb Blonde” joke about sending the telegraph.

  4. MissBrwnSugha says:

    .why was 6 afraid of seven?

  5. I do, it’s really really short, more like a joke;

    Italian Business school:

    Thought you might enjoy this, it’s so true.

    Luigi says to his son, “I want you to marry a girl of my choice.”
    Son says, “I will choose my own bride!!! ”
    Luigi says, “But the girl is Bill Gates’ daughter..”
    Son answers, “Well, in that case . . . ok”

    Next Luigi approaches Bill Gates and says, “I have a husband for your daughter…”
    Bill Gates answers, “But my daughter is too young to marry!!”
    Luigi says, “But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.”
    Bill Gates answers: “Ah, in that case . . . ok.”

    Finally Luigi goes to see the president of the World Bank.
    Luigi says, “I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.”
    The president answers, “But I already have more vice-presidents than I need!”
    Luigi says, “But this young man is Bill Gates’ son-in-law.”
    The president answers, “Ah, in that case . . . ok”

    And that, my friends, is how Italians do business

  6. kingcurls says: there is a game on there called draw my thing….best cure for boredom ever πŸ™‚

  7. ok soo one in class i was chewing gum and my friend told me a funny shit head joke right and i laughed soo fuckking hard that my gum flew all the way on the head of my crush and he had to cut his fuckking hair..
    Sorry but i thought the swears would make it better haha hope thats fine.. also go on and that will show u some funny ones

  8. Okay!

    A duck goes into a bar & asks the bartender: “Excuse Me? Do you have any grapes?” The Bartender says: NO! WE ONLY SERVE BEER!

    The duck leaves.

    The next day, the duck goes back into the bar & asks the bartender: “Excuse Me? Do You have any grapes?” The Bartender says: “Look here, Duck!! I told you yesterday we only serve Beer! If you ask me that question again, I’m going to nail your beak to the wall!!!”

    The duck leaves.

    A few days later, the duck goes back into the bar. The duck asks the bartender: “Excuse Me? Do you have any NAILS?” The Bartender says: “NO!”

    The duck asks: “DO YOU HAVE ANY GRAPES?”

  9. Check out hilarious, I check it multiple times a day!

  10. β™« sarah β™« says:

    How about something funny that happened to me?

    Okay, I was at the beach this afternoon. I was eating a hot dog and left in on my plate in front of me. (I had a drink to the left of my chair) As soon as I turned to my left to get my drink, guess what happened? A seagull took my hot dog!! I saw it flap away with it in its mouth! My response to this concluded to a loud yell that made everyone look at me as if i were in Special Ed.

    I was in the last day of gym in school. I hated climbing the rope…. It was my turn. I started to climb the rope. I was about 7 feet high, almost half way there.I worked my way up to about 11 feet high and then I looked down. I heard my classmates cheering for me. So I kept on going. I was almost a foot a way from the top when I noticed that I heard the bell. I was scared I was going to late for my next class. My teacher was really strict about coming in on time. I let go of the rope, thinking that I was at the bottom and fell about 20 feet in the air. I hadn’t noticed that the mat below me wasn’t there. So with my luck, I fell on the butt, HARD! Then, I was sent to the nurses office, though I was fine. They insisted that I go. After about 10 minutes my butt was darker than cherry red. A whole bunch of kids had seen it too. So guess what? The whole day I was called “Cherry Red”.

  11. Okay well, if you find the pain of other funny….

    A week ago my brother broke his right arm when he fell down two flights of stairs, today, while his friend Pete was over they decided to have a food fight and while throwing some gummy bears at Pete my brother dislocated his left arm. So now he has a cast on his right arm and a sling over his left, there now doesn’t that make your life seem a little brighter?!

  12. Daddy's Baby Girl says:

    jamie:you are lying!!!
    martin:no,im not
    jamie:theres no way sandy is pregnant with your baby
    martin:im sorry but she is
    jamie:i hate you!!!
    martin:o,God please dont hate me!!!
    jamie:well now i do
    martin:o no no dont start crying!
    jamie:i cant believe im out of here
    martin:no your not(he kisses her)will u be the father of my baby?
    jamie:you mean sandy’s baby?
    martin:yes and the next one soon to come
    jamie:what–you mean–
    martin:yes,i really do luv u!
    jamie:i luv u too–ive always luved you

    thats the best i can do for a short story that mainly just a fight
    ~~~Daddy’s Baby Girl~~~

  13. Creator Allanvre says:

    Heck you, The Amazing Life of Barbarian Baby.

    Video here

    Prepare yourselves, For the tale I’m about to tell you is the truest story ever spoken.
    It all began several years ago below the flickering florescent light above a hospital bed. Barbarian Baby charged out of his mother’s womb and cut his own umbilical cord with a battle axe. He raked afterbirth out of his beard as he gave a battle cry that roared so loud, the windows shattered. Without time to waste, he did a back-flip through the falling glass to the world outside. His eyes set to the northern horizon and he dashed forth. He headbutted his way through brick, wood, and concrete until he arrived at the beach. That’s when he baptized himself in shark infested waters and swam all the way to the north pole, just to drop-kick a polar-bear.
    When he finished bathing in the hot springs he conquered, he surfed a Tsunami on a glacier to the shores of Africa. He took one step into the jungle and angry apes surrounded him. The alpha male of the pack towered over Barbarian Baby. But when the gigantic primate tried to swat the child away, Our savage, infant hero caught the enormous palm. This is when the wild animals learned, that when he flexes his glorious biceps, the entire universe shakes. That’s how Barbarian Baby arm wrestled a gorilla, and won!
    The monkeys exalted their new fearless leader, lifting him up as they chanted and danced. Barbarian Baby crowd surfed on a stampede of celebration across the plains of the savannah. But his tummy rumbled with hunger and his eyes set on a pride of lions. Barbarian Baby’s first words were: β€œIt’s breakfast time!”
    He dove into the center of five lions and punched a lioness in the face so hard, she flew skull first into a tree like a ragdoll. The claws of a lion slashed across Barbarian Baby’s six-pack abs. Enraged, the rugged infant grabbed his foe by the mane and slammed it into the ground. The rest of the pride ran terrified.
    Barbarian baby sat in the crater made by the force of his attack. He used the blade of his battle axe to pick lion meat out from between his teeth. However, he was thirsty, so he intimidated the clouds into raining. If they didn’t, he would’ve jumped into the sky and beat some ass!
    The cool, thirst-quenching refreshment of the water ran down his gullet. But tragically, our little hero’s story came to an end as Barbarian Baby died. Apparently, non-alcoholic beverages were his only weakness.

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