Does anyone have experience with the law of giving and receiving? Does it create abundance and/or happiness?

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Question by Just4Shiggles: Does anyone have experience with the law of giving and receiving? Does it create abundance and/or happiness?

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Answer by Mahaffey the Bard
I can see how it creates happiness, but I see the law as an equal exchange, so there’s no way it can create abundance.

Unless someone’s holding out. (That dick)

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  1. Solomon Loves a lot says:

    Many have given ………..and have not received … abundance……… in return.
    And this is why they are still poor and single.

  2. I tried it for quite a while, and ended up quite a bit poorer, with nothing to show for it. Many of the people I gave to didn’t even say “thanks.” I think it only works for people who are trying to sell you their books. A lot of those books were sold and guess what? There are a lot more poor people, now, NOT more millionaires.

  3. Sumo Bob says:

    If, what you give is from your heart, mind and soul, then later in your life The LORD GOD Of Hosts Shall Bless you for your acts of kindness; also check out “Karmic Law.”

  4. I’ve had a lot of experience with this. There are laws that predicate every blessing we want, spiritual and temporal (even financial). If you are talking strictly about abundance as it relates to financial rewards, then admittedly, you can’t just give your way into receiving millions of dollars. To become a millionaire, you must follow principles of wealth accumulation. However, that is not to say that paying your tithing is counter-productive. Read about tithing in Malachi, Chapter 3. This law is universal. So universal, in fact, that Susie Orman teaches her clients to pay their tithing and insists that the money always comes back. That has been true for us. But you can’t pray cream and do skim milk. If you pay your tithing, and refuse to work, budget and live on less than you earn, you may find that the windows of heaven “stick” a little bit.

    The Lord has called his gospel the plan of happiness. I know lots of really rich people who aren’t really happy – the man cheats on his wife, and/or vice versa, or their priorities aren’t in order. I know a lot of families who are far from rich as to stock portfolios, cash in the bank, etc. who are rich in happiness and have sufficient for their needs. They live the gospel to the best of their ability and see the rich blessings they receive and are grateful for them. An important part of happiness lies in your relationship to yourself, to God, to members of your family and to your friends. As you evaluate how those relationships are, you will see how much your own happiness is entwined in the quality of those relationships.

    That said, I’ve often heard that money doesn’t buy happiness. I can only retort that poverty does do a lot for it either. So, set your goals carefully. Learn what it takes to get where you want to be, obey the commandments of God and be nice to people. Ask the Lord to help you set those goals that will help you become who you were sent here to become. Maintain your integrity. Abundance and happiness will follow and you will find that your challenges don’t have to be stumbling blocks; they were actually designed to be stepping stones to help you become your best, most successful, happiest self.

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