Does Oprah think OJ is innocent?

Question by _dudout_: Does Oprah think OJ is innocent?
I’m watching it right now and Oprah is being a little hard on them. Does she think OJ is innocent?

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Answer by Mr. Fleming
i hope she dont – she’d be as dumb as he is

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Oprah Winfrey just came out firing at Donald Sterling — telling TMZ Sports, “We’re off the plantation! The plantation days are over!”


  1. ▬beat it▬ says:

    good god i hope not

  2. If she does then, shes keeping very quiet about it…No, I do not think that Oprah thinks hes innocent. There are certain subjects that Oprah doesnt give her opinion to and OJ is one of them…

  3. eveiverson3 says:

    NO, she thinks he is an idiot for writing such an insensitive book about IF HE KILLED HIS WIFE. But it really does seem like the Goldman’s publishing that god awful book, are only out for the money. And to even attempt to make a profit off the book and ask people to purchase it so they can get their $ 0.17 is a lil greedy. If you lost a love one and was granted so many millions for your lost and the killer walked free and made a book about killing your love one. I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that book. I would find another way to get my money. I would find a way with all my lawyers to get a piece of his pension or his estate.. Not a book about u murdering my love one. I agree with Nicole’s sister. That is blood money.

  4. Scottie says:

    I have been a big fan of Oprah for years and Oprah HAS stated in past shows that she did not believe O.J. was innocent. I think Oprah came off the way she did in today’s show was because the show was supposed to be about, “The O.J. Book Controversy”, and it was supposed to be a debate between the Goldmans and Denise Brown, each getting a chance to express their views. But the show did not play out that way and I believe Oprah may have been angry that she was placed in such an awkward position. She has also clearly stated that she would not buy the book, read the book, or promote the book.

    Here is an excerpt I copied from the Oprah web site – it explains Oprah’s position:

    -Oprah says she also has felt a moral dilemma about “If I Did It”. “I had given my word to you two that I would do the show with Denise [Brown]. And then when Denise backed out, I felt that you had kept your word and so that I should keep my word,” Oprah says to Fred and Kim. “But it’s a moral dilemma for me because I would not have agreed to have done it had the two families not agreed to come on to discuss and debate it. … I am not pretending that this forum, this television show, doesn’t sell books. That’s what we do, you know? I promote people’s books. I don’t want to be in the position to promote this book because I, too, think it’s despicable. And I feel that we live in a country where people have the right to do whatever they want. I’m not for censorship in any way. I’m all for it being published, but I personally wouldn’t want to be in a position to encourage people to buy this book.”

    Denise finally agreed to appear on Oprah—but refused to be seated with the Goldmans. “I truly believe that they did wrong, that they did me wrong this time. Everybody stood up and said no to the publication of this book,” she says. “I stood my ground on that. I still don’t think it should be published. I think it is a morally wrong thing to do.” Denise emphasizes that the money from the proceeds of the book will not go to her family. “The Brown family gets nothing from this. We don’t want anything. It’s blood money,” she says. “This is horrible. It was written by the man that … I believe murdered my sister, that I believe murdered Ron.” “If I Did It” portrays Nicole as a drug addict and implies she deserved what happened to her—and Denise says she isn’t surprised. O.J. Simpson has always trashed Nichole’s reputation – at the time of her murder and now in his so-called fictional book.

    Denise considers it a betrayal that the Goldmans, after having first stopped the publication of the book, have bought the rights to the book and are publishing it themselves. The Goldmans defended their position on Oprah’s show, claiming they believe this book is a “confession” by O.J. Simpson – being just one of the reasons they have decided to publish the book.

    Personally, I think O. J. Simpson is a murderer and I don’t care who has it published, O.J. himself, or the Goldmans, I would not read the book.

  5. professionaleccentric says:

    I think so.

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