Fall In Love (Explore October 18, 2013)

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Fall In Love (Explore October 18, 2013)
falling in love
Image by Anne Worner
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www.flickr.com/photos/98262439@N07/10359779803/ This person has copied this photo to her stream and is representing it as her own, with might I add, All rights reserved". You may notice that I allow downloads with attribution. Check her stream and she if she has "stolen" one of yours!

falling in love
Image by jpellgen
LOVE was originally a print design done by Robert Indiana in the 1960’s. The famous image was first rendered as a sculpture in 1970–the first piece still residing at the Indianpolis Museum of Art. Since that time, there have been numerous renditions of the sculpture with 17 of them in the United States, and an additional 20 elsewhere. There are also two which have been done in different language–one in Hebew (Jerusalem), and one is Italian (Milan). Personally, I have only seen three of them: Sixth Avenue (NYC), Shinjuku (Tokyo), and this one in Philadelphia.

John F. Kennedy Plaza. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

‘Do not Fall in Love’ sticker on the subway, NYC
falling in love
Image by David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott


  1. gomezmi2013 says:

    Amazing composition and colors. Love it !

  2. Piyush.Saxenaa says:

    Beautiful composition

  3. gorgeous

  4. beureumbodas says:

    <3 <3 <3

  5. Carmen Tulum says:


  6. AshTree25 says:

    Love those little heart shapes. how beautiful this is!

  7. Great shot

  8. s@ssyl@ssy says:

    love it….great title too :))

  9. Such a beautiful combination of colours!

  10. natural diversity says:

    Harmonious tones beautifully arranged.

  11. wolfs moon says:

    love the colours and the different shapes of the leaves

  12. Potassium Permanganate says:


  13. LarryJay99  says:

    Lovely. Congratz on being Explored!

  14. LarryJay99  says:

    Lovely. Congratz on being Explored!
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  15. Nathan Perli says:

    I’d love to. Beautiful colors!

  16. France-♥- says:

    ♥ + Explore ♥ ..Bravo!

  17. Congratulations on Explore, a super photo.

  18. victor98_2001 says:

    excellent shot

  19. Tatiana12 says:

    Beautiful and great in the Creative Commons too.

  20. Beautiful shot..
    Congrats on Explore..

  21. realvision says:
  22. Web-Betty says:

    Fantastic concept shot! Beautiful color xo

  23. superbe , j’aime cette poésie
    vu explore

  24. Beautiful.

  25. Beeches Photography says:

    Nicely done!

  26. Excellente prise !!!

  27. Hồ Viết Hùng says:

    Wonderful capture. Well done!

  28. 毛倩颖 says:

    Wonderful capture.

  29. sandy.sanderson says:

    great photo well taken congrats on explore enjoy the weekend

  30. myfeelinn says:
  31. Fotourbana says:

    Preciosa fotografia

  32. Good idea and beautiful realisation 🙂

  33. princessmay_acogido says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/rudoni] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/rudoni] yah nice

  34. princessmay_acogido says:


  35. super!

  36. wang22892228 says:

    excellent shot

  37. HivaOa Insoo says:

    Beautiful !

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  39. OoSandraOo says:

    Magnifique composition

  40. Vasil Karamitev says:

    Wow! Amazing! You can also see my photos. Please comment and like! 🙂

  41. Wow this is stunning!!

  42. Nice

  43. Iglesiaspilarin says:

    Preciosa fotografía, te felicito por tu trabajo.

  44. Franafricano says:

    Great work! To my FAV! have a nice saturday, my friend.

  45. une fille de France says:
  46. absolutely superb! great title

  47. I love love love this … what a wonderful creation ….

  48. Bellissima!

  49. notturno_e_io says:


  50. Blue Celt says:

    Jolies colors !

  51. steph loves zebras says:


  52. robertlee17454 says:

    Very creative…..love it!!!

  53. love it, great job! Congrats!

  54. snowboard_chick says:

    I’m loving the creativity xoxo

  55. Stephen M Reid says:
  56. Superschön.

  57. My photos are unique says:

    Excellent photo,

  58. jeanpatrick.rey33 says:

    Love photo

  59. HΩMΣR Odyssey - HAPPY NEW YEAR / BONNE ANNEE says:

    Very nice.
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  60. can t help but to fall in love with this picture

  61. Claudia........... says:

    Che belle queste foglie a forma di cuore! 🙂

  62. Beautiful capture!
    Congratulations on Flickr Explore!

    Via Today’s Explore at #8 on Fluidr

  63. Sandsteiner says:

    Beautiful shot!

  64. Anne Worner says:

    Thanks to all who have stopped by – I just got up and cannot believe it – three in Explore in as many days! You are all just wonderful.

  65. lscottspencer says:


  66. Alem&Melawe says:

    Bella! 😀

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  68. Gotland girl says:

    Very creative!

  69. Photox0906 says:

    Very nice, impressive and emotional shot ! Congratulations !
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  70. Preciosa!
    Unos colores estupendos y una composición de lujo!

  71. Gypsy Cowboy says:

    Cute idea

  72. Assia_R اسيا ^_^ says:

    de belles couleurs d’automne

  73. Juavenita ♥ says:

    excellent capture loving the amazing colour tones

  74. dragonalobjectif says:

    Oooh! Nice picture!

  75. jeepernestino says:

    excellent work!

  76. ... MamanTic ... says:

    How symphonic and colorful !

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  78. la india del cibao says:

    Excellent composition!
    Have a beautiful day!!

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  79. Chris 0023 says:

    Beautiful !!

  80. Vasil Karamitev says:

    Amazing! 😉

  81. Chizuka2010 (**OFF**) says:

    What a fabulous idea! Great image!

  82. Very creative and beautiful shot! Love the colors of the leaves.

  83. noémie1717 says:

    Lovely idea!

  84. Amar.kumar says:

    very creative!!

  85. ~Forever Blue says:

    Gorgeous fall image, Anne. Congrats on Explore.

  86. Manon et Alexis photography says:

    Beautiful shot! Come see our photos and give you their opinion please..

  87. Love it!!

  88. Enchanting and beautiful image! Superb photography!

  89. One of the best of the day

  90. lameato feliz says:


  91. Andrea Malnar Photography says:

    Very pretty :)). Congratulations on Explore and keep up the great work!

  92. Lunalunita says:

    Sooo beautiful! Well deserved!

  93. La_mirada says:

    Beautiful composition Anne!! Congratulations on Explore!!

  94. LizasGarden says:

    What an AMAZING capture, and inspiring composition my friend !

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  95. Empardalada says:

    This is just beautiful!

  96. CameliaTWU says:

    Excellent work! Congratulations on Explore!

  97. GeoAllAroundTheWorld says:

    art at it finest! beautiful.

  98. Catmanjoe says:

    Nice assortment of fall colors! Nothing better than hearts to illustrate Autumal love! Great capture!

  99. pearl west says:

    Heart this…:-) Congratulations for making Explore!

  100. katiecawood says:

    Just beautiful. this image really stuck out to me on Explore.

  101. waewduan4 says:

    Great !! Many congrats on Explore !!

  102. kim-by-the-sea says:

    Absolutely love this!

  103. nice

  104. Beautiful composition~!
    Congrats on Explore~

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  105. rajivsharma77777 says:


  106. Anne Worner says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/105911326@N05] What are you thanking for Rajiv? 🙂

  107. nice

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  109. TheDamnMushroom says:

    You’ll be sorry either way.

  110. David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott says:

    Funny, cute and subtle. Perfect!

  111. Bryan Viper says:

    My friend made those stickers

  112. David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/bryanviper] wicked! it brings a smile to my face whenever i see the photo. and i LOVE to think of how many people he / she made smile with the stickers. are they still around?

  113. Bryan Viper says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/beglen] i think there are only 50 or so left. i still have one myself.

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