FallinG In lOvE !!

A few nice falling in love images I found:

FallinG In lOvE !!
falling in love
Image by mando2003us
" Don’t find love , let love find u , That’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t force yourself to fall , u just fall . "

Special thanks for ‘ Reham ‘

Fall in love
falling in love
Image by Axel Cardenas


  1. Ahmad Hegab says:

    Great lines man……sad eyes

  2. love ur words .. love this touch of drawing ,, many greeting to reham she is very talented really .. gamda awyy we el moshkila enny fahmak we 7ases beek 😉 el words kaman to7fa we 3moman ana fallin mn zaman :))))

  3. gamda gedan ya wad salemly 3ala reham …

  4. this is indredible…the drawing is super, simple and amazing……

    the words are a Maxim.


  5. aw, this is so cute ! 🙂

    I love the words…

  6. Dream Rose says:

    amzizing words and drawing 😉

  7. girl 4 islam(very proud2bemuslima) says:

    Excellent portrait!

  8. Diamond Lips -BHR says:

    why the 2 lovers are sad?
    they should be happiest on earth…..bcz love makes ur life diff

  9. (mO)² - Photography says:

    romantikiiiiiiiiiiiiii walahy romantikiiiiiiiiiii

  10. Avocadoface says:

    You are a poet in words and drawing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. mando2003us says:

    ahmed_H :
    thanx ya m3alem

    egygenius™ :
    thanx man for that , and i will tell her ur words
    we rabna yewaf2ak m3 el fallin bta3ak ; )

    eng_hoba :
    thanx kteer ya wad
    we hwasalha salamak akeed . . . .

    cairohk :
    ammm , this is alot of words to me man
    thanx for fav.

    *Irina* :
    nice baby
    and i love ur comment .

    Dream Rose :
    u are amzizing girl ; )

    girl 4 islam :
    thanx kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer .

    ♥ Diamond Lips ♥ :
    hi , welcome to my flickr
    iam so happy for that
    and u are right love makes ur life diff but diff with happy or diff with sad !!

    mOmO_Designs :
    mn b3d ma 3ndkom ya man

    Avocadoface :
    thanx alot for this Courtesy
    and welcome to my flickr : )

  12. AMAZING DraWing ;D

    Keep up the good work Dude

  13. mando2003us says:

    thanx [ģιяℓ άℓσυd] for ur passing
    and welcome in my flickr land

  14. ~Al!Ce !N WonDeRlaNd~ says:

    wooooow very nice drawing..faaaaaaaaaav 😀

  15. crazy.morgana says:

    I have to learn how to just fall…

  16. mando2003us says:

    hi morgana ,
    i hope u enjoy with that falling
    But u must be careful
    thanx for ur passing ; )

  17. ♥ ..мιмι .. ♥ says:

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  18. ¨º˚еĹFјг еĹвзеD˚°¨ says:

    amazing i like it ^,^

  19. brilliantbrylle says:

    Drawn by you? You are gifted.

  20. mando2003us says:

    brilliantbrylle :
    it drawn by my best friend ( Reham )

  21. Great shot!

  22. Miguel_Bustos says:

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