Has anybody done You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay ?

Question by Jayne: Has anybody done You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay ?
This is the book by Louise Hay. She takes you through a programme of exercises to get you to a better you. Has anybody done the full course and found it worked and that they are in a better place? How hard did you find it, going through all the exercises. Would you recommend staying with it. Am doing it and finding it quite hard, but all it requires from me is a bit of effort and resolve and so am sticking with it. Is this a wise thing to do? Any experiences that you are willing to share would be gratefully received.

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Answer by Humano
5 years ago i really dedicate myself on doing it, and lost 60pounds of weight, funny thing is by the time i have gave up affirmations and inner self works was when i really star losing it! also i started to gain weight gradually again.

now with 24 i’m starting everything again from the begging, at that time i was mostly paying Attention on losing weight, instead on working of loving my self and didn’t chose to be patient with myself often saying tings like ” affirmations don’t work”.

i really feel sincerity and honesty on the book you can heal your life , part because louise not only talk about healing your life, she lives that life.

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Thank you to a WONDERFUL teacher–LOUISE L HAY. With much LOVE sharing her teachings. All is WELL.
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