Has anyone here taken a seminar by Robert Kiyosaki?

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Question by mugentuner: Has anyone here taken a seminar by Robert Kiyosaki?
I’m looking for reviews on his seminars particularly in the Arizona area where they are usually held. Has anyone had good experience with any of these and did it help your financial life any? I’m skeptical of many seminars/ books/ coaching except for T. Harv Eker’s Intensive which was worth every penny and has helped me as well as others that were in my group. Rich Dad, Poor Dad want thousands of dollars for their “predict the future” type seminars so wondering if it is even worth it as the investment.
Forgot to mention i’ve read a few of his books: Rich Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, Why we want you to be rich (‘w’ Trump) and before you quit your job. All were descent in that gives you a good financial mindset but are very broad and generalized. Was just wondering if he would compare to the heavyweights like Tony Robbins (which i’ve heard are excellent for financial, powerful motivation) and Peak Potentials or even Brian Tracy.

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Answer by Space Invader101
I don’t blame you for being a skeptic. I have read a couple of Robert’s books. They’re good, but their only as a general ‘big picture’ overview of managing your finances.

The information at the seminar will be useful, but not worth the price.

Quality investment books are the best and most cost efficient way to learn.

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  1. That I dont know but what I do know is Robert predicted the economic freeze 5 years ago, he even had a book about real estate bust. I’m not saying that the seminars are worht what is charged , I’m just saying that he was right 5 years ago. you make the call. Good luck.

  2. Net Advisor says:

    I have maybe one or two prior posts on him, and he has some good things to say. I have listed to his speeches, a public seminar. He has done very well for himself, so I can’t knock that.

    I disagree with his views on (stock) brokers (being a former one that should be expected right). I don’t discount getting financial advice from qualified professionals.

    I usually “flag” (suggest to avoid) anyone who talks about mutual funds as the way to invest for the “long term.”

    My personal preferences is that I would not spend the money to go to a high priced seminar by this speaker. There are very few people that I would prefer to suggest that you will prob get a lot more out of the program than many other seminars.

    I have cited a few in recent posts today actually.

    If i was going to spend the money, I would rather go to a Tony Robbins seminar. Been to a number of the programs, got a lot out of them, and volunteer staffed some of the programs during and post college for awhile. I wanted to help others and give back from the great experiences I received. {This is not a commercial, and I’m not being paid for this :P}

    Back to the Kiyosaki question.
    I remember he was big on promoting real estate buying a few years ago, when I thought this was not the time to be buying. I have numerous posts of the last 2 years about what in my analysis has been the major causes of the current economy and the real estate market, and it’s more than you will hear on CNN.

    Anyone, other than God who says they CAN predict the future is nuts. We can make assumptions about the future, but assumptions aren’t guaranteed right?.

    I would avoid any program that suggests they can make you rich for attending their seminar, learning what they are teaching. It doesn’t work that way, and very few if any replicate that success. No one has been even close to replicate Warren Buffett and we all can read about what he has done in detail – free!

    I have attended 100’s of seminars, read tons of books and listed to many audio programs since I was 18. They all had some value. None however had a magic bullet to make one “rich.” What they have done is to help create mindsets that have helped in business and other situations.

    As for whether Kiyosaki predicted some “freeze” 5 years ago, I don’t know. But on the other hand being in the business I am in (Finance & Risk Management), I began “red flagging” (warning/ suggesting caution ahead) to others about watching for a possible real estate top and subsequent “crash” when the FED began raising interest rates starting in spring 2004, (have detailed posts here since I came to Y!A).

    To me this was not a difficult thing to see. But most people did not pay attention to any of the signs.

    edit/follow up:

    When it comes to motivational speakers who prob made most of their (initial) wealth from selling books and seminars, I have generally disagreed with most of them in general on their financial – get wealthy teaching methods.

    Without naming names, I have been to many, many, “wealth programs” ran by “top speakers.” They have great expertise in the areas that made them “famous.” A number of them have been sued and had issues for their overly optimistic investing programs.

    One can be positive and motivated all they want. It will not make a stock go up.

    I may not have their expertness in their industry, but I do have expertise in my industry. When it comes to getting financial advice, I would learn from those who are experts in that area.

    I have always told people, “you don’t hire a plumber to fix your car, you hire a mechanic. You hire the plumber when you need an expert in plumbing.”

    I found more value in attending the general programs of Robbins (UPW for example – it’s been years), and have found it is better to understand what is PREVENTING us from getting to success, or having a good relationship, or good health etc., than just, “here, pay $ 5,000+ and come to my seminar to get rich….or whatever.”

    I think the only people who get rich from get rich seminars is the sponsor/ speaker.

    To achieve anything in my view, we must have an understanding on how we are wired.

    “All the resources you need are in your mind”
    — Eleanor Roosevelt

    Modern book by, Norman Vincent Peale,
    “The Power of Positive Thinking”

  3. itsjunglepat says:

    No, I haven’t. And I don’t plan on it either.
    I’ve also never attended a Dale Carnegie course on how to Win Friends and Influence People.
    I did attend some other investor seminar. I forget who sponsored it, but I know they were selling software.

  4. $so fresh so clean$ says:

    Not me, but I would sure like to.

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