Homeless To Harvard _ 2003 The Liz Murray Story The Full Movie


  1. Domicile229 says:

    Fuck the bourgeoisie authoritarian pedagogy.

  2. Kinsuan Cathryn says:

    Very interesting and inspirational movie! :))

  3. Roldan Jangao says:

    parents responsibility for their children is a very tough that is why all
    parents must give a proper guidance for their children even if they can go
    to school or not the most important thing is they should be guided most
    specially in spiritual guidance entire their life.

  4. Finland Jaruttjinda says:

    All of us cant choose the way we were born, Who is our parents. Someonce
    can or cant choose environment to grow up. Only you, yourself u can choose
    the way you walk also trying never harming anybody



  6. Ali Ebrahimi says:

    Such an amazing, intelligent girl who makes your mouth open

  7. She has the brains to figure out how to get through the “skin” to the other
    side. I wish I did :(

  8. Shradha Singh says:

    this is very inspirational movie. 

  9. Rebecca Stern says:

    i just watched this movie yesterday on lifetime movie channel very

  10. gercel binayug stark says:

    inspiring movie,,,,,love it.

  11. LittleSerboLamb says:

    I also just realized that Ellen Page is in this! :D

  12. kudos are feeble in your presence, if I had fate than I’d pray for your
    longevity and prosperity, and that you should know no hardships. I’ll wish
    that you shall reap the rewards for your struggles and effort and for the
    sunshine to be an everlasting companion to you and yours. hardships is what
    made you push forward, you’ve beaten the odds on every conceivable level.
    on the podium, none more deserving than yourself. 

  13. Yuffie Kisaragi says:

    Makes me cry every time… It is so inspiring. It makes you realize that
    all the things, even the little things, that we take for granted are not.
    We should fight for what we want and what we believe in.

  14. thank you for the movie. i couldn„t find it anywere

  15. medha batra says:

    must watch !! truly inspiring

  16. Ebrima Kassama says:

    This movie is very sad, but who ever watched this movie and u are a teen i
    bet u learned something from this movie especially from Liz Muray. An
    Interligent, smart young girl whose parents were alcoholic, drug addict who
    dosen’t regularly go to school, worked extremely hard and succeeded to get
    into Harvard. No matter how bad your life looks like, no matter what
    situation we can still survive if we want to just step your foot into Liz
    Muray Shoes. Education is the key to succees. Am not homeless or whatever
    Liz experinced, teachesr tell me am smart if i take things a little bit
    more serious, just little effort i can be what ever i want to be. From now
    on am gonna throw my useless life in the trash and work like
    Liz Muray!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the upload what an amzing movie loved

  17. Barbara CL says:

    I’ve watched this movie probably 500 times. I learned that i can be
    anything i want if i just push myself a little harder. Thanks Liz Murray
    for making a difference in my life. 

  18. WaterGirl49 says:

    I cant seem to get any sound.. I just watched another movie and sound was
    fine anyone other than me have this happening?

  19. Christy Wei says:

    Seeing Liz, I find no excuse for myself to escape from or give up the
    challenges that life pours to me. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Kaleyah Lindo says:

    Really makes me look how stupid ive been to not take education seriously :|

  21. prince galo says:

    Very beautiful story and very inspiring in our life :)

  22. 12345abcde528 says:

    What a strong young lady .

  23. vero leon says:

    what it is to be homeless and not be what everyone expects you are going to

  24. is the ending filmed at dalhousie? the henry hicks?

  25. Athong333 says:

    This is just a movie. But it’s teach me a lot.

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