How can anyone seriously believe in positive thinking?

Question by Clueless: How can anyone seriously believe in positive thinking?
Positive thinking is deceptive more or less by definition. Over the course of your life, you are confronted with different realities: some positive, others much less so… Making your perception unconditionally positive is willful ignorance at best, denial at worst, self-deception by any other name. Worst of all, it stops you from doing any real problem solving because it doesn’t let you acknowledge the problem in the first place. It’s often combined with “just be yourself” platitudes. You know: do the same thing, expect a different result.

Some “positive thinkers” will make a disclaimer and say it’s not denial or that they discourage denial, but in practice, you can go through the list of issues you’re dealing with, and they will invariably deny, whitewash or sugarcoat every single one of them.

Positive thinking hurt me in the past. Big time. I had very, very real problems. I followed the advice, and things started to get progressively worse, in a downward spiral. It took me a while to recover, and I had to go against “what the doctor ordered”, acknowledge the issues and change myself quite significantly (i.e. habits, behaviors, communication style, personal style) to better fit the world’s expectations. I had to acknowledge the basic fact that people aren’t wrong to have expectations that go against what I’m used to and that I have them too.

And yet, when I discuss any current issues (minor ones in comparison), positive thinking is all I get – even after pointing this out.

How can anyone believe it? How can others consciously lie to themselves and not see through their own lies – even when reality shows itself? How can I argue with that if everyone believes or pretends to believe it so fervently?

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Answer by lala
Positive thinking is not living in denial and in lies of real life fact

Positive thinking is ;;; you look the present with wide open eyes and you get the better of it
Here a example that I live 39 yrs ago

I lost a still born baby [ full term ]
Its no small cake for a mother
because we had live together for months
So ;; yes I did cry and yes I was mad at God
and yes : I was mad at my body
I took the decision to not stay in this dark place

I knew I could get prego easily ;; so I said to myself

OK as soon as possible I will get pregnant again
and I did just that [ this is positive thinking ]
I had another baby
he was a boy

this boy now is a doctor

but If I had choose to pity myself and deny this lost
I would have stayed negative
Facing the reality is ALWAYS the best way to deal with ANY problems
but ; you do not need to go in a dark place and stay there

so its a choice ;; being realistic and positive
or being in denial and stay negative

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