how can you still be an atheist if you’ve read Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill?

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Question by midnightlife: how can you still be an atheist if you’ve read Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill?
first and foremost, it’s a self-help book, not a christian book but hill and w. stone still talk about how God can help give you a PMA (positive mental attitude). it’s a classic book to indirectly make you a christian.

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Answer by Big Nasty 775
How can you still be a Christian if you’ve gone to school?

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  1. sly phy .. (no morals) says:

    How could you still be a christian if you’ve read the bible.

  2. Lancelot Cat says:

    No book can convenience me to believe in any god.

  3. I doubt there’s any book that can make me ignore science and reason.

  4. Death's Near BrokenEye Experiance says:

    I don’t need any self-help books.

    Besides, self-help writers love to trumpet the supposed “power of positive thinking” which science can tell us really has no power, apart from the power to give you positive thoughts.

  5. Your mother says:

    if you have never experienced it.. it is unbelievable.. simple as that..

  6. Dont get me wrong, i can appreciate god and the idea that jesus was a prophet, but all this stuff about sin and masturbation makes no sense, there all mindless restrictions.

  7. God is the greatest force towards the growth of atheism as his showing up converts millions in a heart beat and don’t hold your breath waiting. .

  8. Michelle R says:

    I have not read it, but I’m willing to bet you all you own and all I own that I could read it and remain an atheist.

    I have, however, read the bible, and that is one of the reasons I don’t believe in the Christian deity.

    ~Ex-fundie-xian; agnostic atheist

  9. Atheist John says:

    What is the point of this question?

    I don’t need a self help book, I’m doing fine.

  10. Transitional Species III says:

    I’m an atheist, why would I need to read self help books?

    I’m quite capable of helping myself.

  11. lainiebsky says:

    What on earth makes you think you need a god to have a positive mental attitude? Expand your horizons.

  12. Thor is a loving God Too. says:

    How could you waste your time with such a book when you know God is imaginary. If a person doesn’t have the “God” concept in their head to make them feel guilty and broken, they already have a PMA. Ironic, isn’t it,lol.

  13. Look up Pen and Tellers recent show Bull %hit on the topic that improving self esteem is bull.

  14. jethom33545 says:

    It’s easy.Really.I still don’t believe in any gods.Napoleon Hill wrote nothing that moved me from my natal atheism.Please,for your own sake give up magical thinking and come to reality.

  15. Jabber wock says:

    I have no idea – I’ve never read it.

    Is it somehow going to make be abandon reason, by some clever trick of brainwashing?

  16. I’ll answer with another question:

    How can you still be a theist if you’ve read the American Heart Journal of April 2006 on the effects of intercessory prayer?

    These questions can go both ways.

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