How come some women can charm and seduce any man even married?and why is it hard for men to resist model types?

Question by Sarah: How come some women can charm and seduce any man even married?and why is it hard for men to resist model types?
why is it even married men,cannot resist advances from beautiful women you know those ones who look like Victoria’s secret models?how do these women charm and seduce any man they want and even married men why do they fall for them?Especially men in high positions like business men lawyers doctors,a friend of mine who works as a nurse says she always sees this beautiful women throwing themselves at the doctors at work and most are already married to beautiful trophy wives why is this?

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Answer by Sunset
some must be gold diggers…

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  1. Some people are just naturally charming and charismatic…and they don’t even have to be a model type. Sure, charming model types are harder to resist, but you’d be surprised.

  2. Oh, honey, you are very misinformed- that is not at all true!
    A happily married man who is committed to his wife couldn’t be seduced by Venus herself!

    SOME married men think with their penis, and those are the ones who can be seduced into cheating. In other words, the ones that aren’t worth a pinch of SHlT will cheat, while devoted and mature men will not.

    And by the way, the same goes for women who cheat.

  3. Women with sex appeal can usually get a lot of men.
    But if the man is married and in love it doesn’t work.
    In this case they most have something missing in their marriage.
    It may look good on the ouside but what goes on behind close doors is a different story.

  4. Seduce any married man? Not! No woman could ever get between my wife and I.

  5. Some women want that life
    Taken out to dinner ,gifts no ties
    They don’t care that they have a wife ?
    Only that they will be the ones who benefit by it
    They don’t want them long term just the benefits of them

  6. Actually you are wrong dear.

    Just look at all the gorgeous models and actresses who have been married and divorced many many times! Beauty may suck men in, but it won’t alone hold them!

    If any man can be seduced from his wife, the wife is better off without him.

    PS: not all men are dogs.

  7. My sister is that type of woman. I can see (usually) that it isn’t really her fault. She has a vibrant personality and that is attractivee: it doesn’tnecessarilymean that a man is interested. At least not in a long term relationship. These women have usually had several failed relationships and these relationships are less meaningful each time. My life is so normal and my marriage is for life. She is the one who has to exagerate stories to keep the attention focused on her because that is all she feels she’s worth. The grass is greener…a long term relationship, with trust, is a real comfort to have. Take a look from her shoes. It would be awful scary to not know that someone is in our future to share our past stories.

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