How do I keep a man happy so he will want to marry me?

Question by that chick: How do I keep a man happy so he will want to marry me?
It seems like everyone around me can keep a boyfriend but I can’t. It is hard. They always cheat, or leave– Everyone around me is getting married– I’m the only one that doesn’t have a steady relationship or anything… I am pretty and attract men all the time– I just can’t keep them– or I pick the wrong ones– How do you keep a man happy? Am I calling them too much or not enough? They all leave one way or the other- Help me?

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Answer by Myron the Bloody Siren
Frankly, guys are turned off if you’re clingy or call them too much, at least I am.

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  1. The Reaper says:

    the way you keep a man happy is by being yourself and when you find the right man that will make him happy. h will want to marry you because he knows you wont change the true person you are for anything.

  2. Well, just be yourself and if the guy leaves you then that is their loss. You should not change for a guy to like you or better love you. All you need to do is find a guy that likes you for you and everything will fall in place!!

  3. Heart broken and confused says:

    You first haft to learn how to love yourself and how to make yourself happy. Once you are secure with this then you will also know how to make a man happy. They like women who are secure with them selves. Also, don’t be clingy, or make your self to available to them. Have a life out side of him rather you have or not. Do not let him know.

  4. Idiftl Troll says:

    learn to cook, have sex as much as possible and generally learn how to be a woman

  5. When you meet the right guy, you’ll only need to be yourself, no more and no less, to keep him happy.

  6. Amethyst Jones says:

    the age old tested method is for you not to show him that much affection or interest until you have heard him say “i love you” and/or is making some kind of show of love. basically, if he’s not the one falling head over heels in love with you first, don’t take him too seriously. if you take interest first, guys pick up on that vibe and idk what it is about it, but nine times out of ten i’ll guarantee you that the girlfriends you have that are married all had one thing in common- the guy they’re with was in love with them before they caught up to HIS emotions. that’s the only way. disinterest, believe it or not, is attractive to most guys. i’m married, and i can testify.

    so if you’ve been hurt enough in the past it’ll be easy for you to maintain your distance until the right time. the balancing act comes into play though when you’ve accurately assessed that he’s been caught, so to speak. that’s when you have to come out of disinterest mode and decide if you might be led to fall in love with him now that cupid’s tagged him first. if you like him and he meets your dreams in all other aspects then give him a chance and i’ll wager he’ll be the one who sticks around. after that, you don’t have to work overtime to keep him happy because just being around you obviously makes him happy, as he’s proved up to this pt. do your gf’s appear to work overtime to keep their men happy? probly not. and i bet they don’t. that’s the secret.

    wait for one who doesn’t make your heart reel at first, provided he’s decent, courts you, is charming, and you like his personality- but don’t get carried away. remain skeptical and distant. not because there’s anything wrong with him but b/c you’ve been hurt before and don’t want to give your attention to any undeserving joe. he’ll want to win your heart. you just be ready to make the transition from wary to wooed when he indicates he’s seriouslycatching feelings for you.

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