How do you find someone to publish your book?

Question by schweetums: How do you find someone to publish your book?
I am writing a book of funny short stories and wonder what the odds are of finding a publisher.

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Answer by joy
you have to search for a publishing house…try not a such expensive one…you give them what you wrote…if they like it..they will publish..if not…search for another one 😉

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  1. I think u should look at try 2 ask ur friends if they have any realtions with a publisher

  2. Look for publishers in your area (they don’t necessarily have to be huge or mainstream) or publishers you know of (say for instance the publishers of some of the books you have read) and see if they have a website or contact details. Most of them allow manuscript submissions on certain conditions. Check out what you have to do and send your manuscript to as many publishers as you can. Just make sure it’s legit, otherwise you might see your book under someone else’s name eventually.


    Self publishing. You control the content totally, they print it.

  4. Charles Brobst says:

    iUniverse treated me right.
    See what they did for me at:

  5. Firstly, stay away from anyone who you have to pay to print your book. This includes vanity printers like Lulu and iUniverse. I’ve had great experiences with, but you should really only use it if you have no desire to sell copies to anyone besides your family. It can be great for getting a few copies of something for people close to you.

    I would worry about finishing your book before anything else, and editing it a couple times.

    Next, head down to the local library or bookstore and take a look at a book called Writer’s Market. This is an incredible resource of publishers, journals, magazines– almost anyone who might want to publish your book!

    You might want to look for an agent. They are hard to come by, but can make the whole process work so much better! The folks at Writer’s Market put out a book called the “Guide to Literary Agents” that can help you find agents who represent similar things.

    Another good place to do research is Preditors and Editors, where you can make sure things aren’t scams!

    Happy writing!

  6. put it Internet.

  7. The odds of finding a TRADITIONAL publisher for your work is next to zero. You won’t have any luck going in that route, since neither the publishing industry or the agent industry publishes collections of short stories anymore.

    You might want to try small and independent press publishers (they are listed seperately), and see what they have to offer.

    If all else fails, self-publish it! If you don’t have any qualms about being the new whipping boy (or girl) on the block, go with vanity press.

  8. Hard to say. Short stories aren’t easy to sell, but hey, the world needs lots more humor so you might be on to a good thing. Get a copy of the Writer’s Market. It lists about 30,000 publishers, tells you what they publish and what their requirements are.
    good luck!

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