How do you get people to notice your book?

Question by Catori: How do you get people to notice your book?
I’m writing a paranormal romance novel series (still in the beginning stages) but once I’m finished, I’m not sure how to get the word out about it so people will read it. Any suggestions? I already know which publisher I want to go too but it’s easy for a series to disappear with so many book options available. I need advice on how to make my series stand out amongst the masses.

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Answer by TheBellJar
I wish I knew which publisher you were going with because I know a lot about these things. If you go with anyone who charges you realize that is not a real publisher and you WILL be scammed.
Real publishers don’t charge authors they make their money selling books. Fake vanity publishers make their money scamming wannabe writers. I just wonder if you are going with a real publisher because you say it so casually that you know who you want to go with and it doesn’t normally work that way with real publishers you have to submit your book and see if you get accepted or not, so you choose which places to send it to but you don’t know which ones will accept or reject it before hand. So saying it the way you did sounds like you are going with a scammer or you are self publishing in which case you should say that.

Basically you do all the free stuff like have a Facebook authors page, have an Amazon authors page, blog on other romance author’s blogs, hopefully if you have a real (no vanity) publisher they will send the book out for reviews and if they don’t you do it yourself.

And if by “publisher” you mean you are self publishing on one of the non scam places like KDP or Smashwords, you have to get all the reviews yourself and a lot of places won’t take self published books for review, but if you do it that way you make friends with other people on goodreads and all the self published people try to sell to each other.

There is no way to control if your book will REALLY be noticed. It happens via word of mouth or not at all. Or it may be noticed a little bit but not a lot, which is the most likely thing if you are with a good publisher, but do not have a print run with one of the Big Five. And even if you are with the Big Five or Harlequin there are different levels of how well your book will be noticed.
It really is word of mouth more than anything but you can still promo.

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  1. Gigapie :-☭ says:

    Print it on very thin slices of Limburger cheese. People will notice it. I guarantee you that.

  2. Here are a few steps on how to become successful and known
    1. Put it on
    2. Share the link on all social media sites (ex. facebook, twitter, google +)
    3. Goto
    4. Then goto
    6. Always give nice tips to other beginning writers
    7. Never ever EVER brag about your writing skillz
    8. Don’t be too pushy in getting people to read your writing

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