How do you seduce a man successfully?

Question by Symphony of destruction: How do you seduce a man successfully?
I’m curious. How would a lady go about seducing a man? In a way that isn’t to brash or lusty, know what I mean?
I’m not trying to seduce anyone. I’m just interested in the art of seduction. Perhaps, it will be useful later in my life.

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Answer by Nicole
If he has fetishes (i.e. foot fetish), maybe put your foot on his lap and fondle his thighs with your toes.

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  1. Top Source says:

    Like the song says, “The look of love is in her eyes.”

    That’s one way.

    You might wana go the brash way, I’v known that to work [almost every time.]

    When you walk w/ him, walk very close.

    Touch him a lot incidentally.


    Oh, this is just for research puposes, eh? Uhhh, yeah…

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