How does Positive Thinking really affect outcome of things?

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Question by Bernadette: How does Positive Thinking really affect outcome of things?
Hello, I know what positive thinking is. Long time ago I had a big life dilemma and all I did everyday was think positively, and yes, the outcome of that problem was positive and it went away. I never practiced the concept again.

But does it really work and does it change the outcome of things? I think this is highly unlikely but people swear by it.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

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Answer by Svetlana
Yes, you are right,I had the same experience and I am trying to think positive, everything what’s going shoud be only for improving us

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  1. Generally its not just positive thinking alone that leads to successful outcomes. You need positive thinking as well as a certain type of planned problem solving mentality in order to see the results you are talking about. Optimism will only affect how you see things in your mind, but it can be a construct in motivation which can help guide behavior. If your outlook with respect to a certain problem is not backed with the intent to intervene, then no, “positive thinking” will not change the outcome in things. The human mind is a very delicate and complex thing, with respect to this issue all you need to know is that positive thinking can help you see the outcome of every day situations in the best light possible, and this can help you set a goal to ascertain; and when you set goals your more likely to strive to achieve them. Its easier to set a goal and strive to achieve it (as scene is positive thinking) than it is to accept a negative outcome and try to stop it (as scene in negative thinking).

  2. It’s measured that kids that are told they can do it, do 15% better, than kids that are told they’ll fail, in every situation.

    Athletes have less pain, and need less recovery time after a Win, again not about how they ‘feel’, these are objectively measured results.

    So yes positive thinking changes the physical-results, and the way we deal with the effort we gave.

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