How should I begin and work on a cheap store-bought romance novel?

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Question by DUDEwheresmycountry?: How should I begin and work on a cheap store-bought romance novel?
I want to write a cheap storebought romance novel. You know, the cheesy ones every woman reads about? Well, I read those and I am a woman but I want to make one. Any sites on how to make one and i need examples, please. :]

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Answer by Skye Lane
Nice to know that you have set your ambitions set high.

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  1. I expect it’s just like writing any other novel, only cheesier and romance-y-er. And apparently romance is one of the easier genres to break in to.

    Anyway, create your cheesy characters, outline your cheesy plot, and just start writing. The first draft won’t be spectacular, so don’t worry about it. Once you have that as a starting place, then I’d suggest refining it to bring it closer and closer to what you want.

    You’ve got tons of examples already though! In the form of the cheap store-bought romance novels you’ve already read. ^_^

    I’m afraid that’s all I can really help with though… I’m a fantasy person, not romance, lol.

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    Those books follow a very specific formula. Each publisher will send you a sheet of instructions on what to do.
    It’s not a bad way to get started. After you’ve done a couple you can write one in about a week.
    Study the markets, approach a publisher with a proposal for a story.
    Check out the book, Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies.

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