How to keep positive attitude?

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Question by King: How to keep positive attitude?
like….how to talks to peoples and have good impression on their mind how to behave in a great manner and something like that..!!

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Answer by Crista J
i don’t really understand you question…but i will try to answer it 🙂

I guess you keep a positive attitude when you always count your blessings,
please read the poem “Desiderata” you will inspired

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I highlight five methods from Napoleon Hill on how to create a positive mental attitude.
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  1. the first thing to do is always think positive ………..
    when someone misbehave to you …don’t act same as he/she behaves you ….always thinks his/her positive thing which he/she had done something Good for you in the past…. i think when you think that point you will feel better………and remember my friend “GOD loves those who loves his fellowmen”

  2. Maintain a positive outlook, and be determinedly optimistic, even when the circumstances don’t warrant it, for the benefits it will bring, later. People who do this live happier, healthier and longer lives. Doctor Wayne Dwyer once said: “Negative emotions are preceded by negative thoughts”. It is important to deal with a negative internal monologue (self talk), or mental process, such as disturbing thoughts, images, impulses, or emotions, by the process of (a): recognising it, and (b): challenging it immediately.

    When you notice something negative, such as: “I’m never going to get over this!” or: “Why am I always so pathetic/useless/such a loser?” or even: “I can’t do this/will never get over this!”, recognise that this is part of the mindset which will hold you back from progress. Having identified and labelled it, visualise a large, red, flashing, “STOP!” sign, and/or possibly a stern faced person wagging an index finger at you in a negative manner, then say to yourself as forcefully as you can, even aloud in a big voice, if alone: “I know this tactic: GO AWAY FOR A WHILE !!!”

    You may want to use either: “ruse”, “ploy”, “game”, or “trick”, instead of “tactic”. In the case of an image, visualise a large “STOP” sign, or your preferred version. Some people go so far as to keep a wide rubber band in their pocket, then put it around their wrist, when they catch themselves backsliding, stretch and release it, as a method of reprogramming their mind sooner, but I don’t regard it as being strictly necessary. Remember to remove it, afterwards, if you use this method. Try replacing a negative thought with a positive affirmation of your choice, like: “I am a unique individual, with my own set of skills, and good points”, or “I may not be perfect, but I’m doing the best I can, right now”.

    Use a relaxation method daily, like or or or the Yoga Nidra, (a series of easy mental exercises, only, at Alternatively, give the EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you. There is also a version for use in public places, (if you like, you can claim to have a headache, as you massage/lightly tap your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: saying it to yourself in your mind) “Even though I sometimes suffer from negativity, I deeply and completely accept myself.” See SEARCHBAR: “EFT”, & “EFT therapists”, or When practised regularly, they will enable you to find a way of being; awareness, without suffering, when you need it, and is a valuable tool for helping you through the worst parts of life. Replace negative thoughts, or images with positive ones. If using an affirmation, such as: “I want to be more positive, every day” or “yes; I can do this”, etc., make sure it is one you choose, which you feel comfortable with. It takes 30 – 40 repetitions, to establish a new habit, with most people, so I estimate a similar amount, here.

    “Even if we have some vague idea that we are not our feelings or our thoughts, when we are experiencing painful feelings or painful thoughts, we believe we have to feel them or think them just because of the fact that they are occurring to us. But painful feelings can be indirectly controlled by physical action, and changing our present thoughts for different thoughts (since feeling occurs as a result of thinking.) Painful thoughts can be directly controlled by choosing replacement thoughts for the ones that are troubling us. Sure, it takes some practice to change a lifetime habit of suffering. But it can be done. Of course it can’t be done if we choose to believe that it can’t be done. But, since the choice is ours, why not choose to believe it can be done, and do it?”
    Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either preferably seek professional hypnotherapy. If not an option, has ones on developing a powerfully positive attitude, and developing powerful optimism.

  3. Great video, very motivating.

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