How to keep your man happy?

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Question by yourmanhappyhowtokeep: How to keep your man happy?
Hello, Can somebody help me finding the best answer for my question: How to keep your man happy?

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Answer by MC
i think having sex

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Relationship: Pt.2 How 2 make your man fall n luv w/u & keep him happy



  1. ask him what he wants, physically, mentally and emotionally. then give it to him.

  2. Deathblade says:

    sex or are you to old for it?

  3. hold his hand. guys love this

  4. dropdeadcherry says:

    feed him, f*ck him, and keep the house clean

  5. Have sex with him, they are all mad about it xD

  6. If i only had her says:

    Sex. & jobs.

  7. It’s not all about him. If you’re together its for a reason. Keeping each other happy should come naturally. All you have to do is communicate on the same level and be willing to flex. Love is a two way street and you have to stay in tune with each other. Work as a team and have fun. Don’t let one of you get fat wile the other stays thin; bad combo for the sex aspect. Don’t make it work for you, it will get old fast.

  8. keephappy23 says:

    You have 3 CHOICES IN A RELATIONSHIP: Love each other 100%, leave each other, or be miserable and complain to all your friends until your friends hate you for being annoying and now they can see why you can’t keep your man interested and why they don’t like you either.

    Fulfill your man’s fantasies in the bedroom. Be open to trying new things, like: outfits, dirty talk, watching dirty movies, using power tools. (careful!) For the super secure, there’s always – inviting another girl into the bedroom. Try leaving the window shades open. Investi in a blinking neon sign that points to the window, and post the exact time of your love-making on the internet. (NOTE: If you do this, your OTHER fantasy will come true of having a police officer in your bedroom! Except he’ll be arresting you. Hot!)

    Here are some other, down to earth ways on how to keep your man happy: Feed him. Men are much simpler than women. Men, in general, want good food and good sex. Give him those two things and you’re two-thirds of the way to having a very satisfied man.

    The other thing you must give your man are certain manly feelings. A man wants to feel… important, appreciated, big, strong, powerful, successful and loved. He wants to feel like he’s THE MAN. He may not be The Man at the office or the bar or on his bowling team – but when he comes home – if you make him feel this way, he will become addicted to you and the feelings you give him.

    You need to give your loyal man an ego-boner. Stroke his ego until he feels big and powerful. People stay with people who make them FEEL GOOD.

    When you give your man great sex and great food and tell him he’s wonderful, you are making him feel AWESOME!!! Of course he’ll want to stay with you! You might be the only woman who has ever made him feel this way! He won’t want to risk losing that for some $ 3 ho with a $ 5 hand bag that she found on a clearance rack in a dollar store! That’s MY 2 cents.

    To give your man these feelings, and to keep your man happy, you need to DO things.

    * Take ACTION that shows him that you think he’s successful and strong.

    * TELL HIM every day.

    * TOUCH HIM in such a way that communicates your respect and admiration for him.

    * SPEND TIME with him and listen to him. Encourage him to talk about his dreams and desires.

    * GIVE HIM little gifts that show your appreciation.

    A fully satisfied person cannot be seduced. If a man has a full stomach, and another woman puts a juicy steak in front of him, sure his eyes will get big — but he won’t be able to eat it. You want your man’s physical and emotional stomach full.

    You want his eyes glazed over from great sex and great food and great feelings like you just threw everything off the Thanksgiving table and made love to him in the cranberry sauce! THAT is how you keep your man loyal.

  9. maribelforayo says:

    Show him you care and that someone values him much. People all yearn for acceptance, respect, and sense of being.

    Caring should not be overdone to the point of being possessive and grabbing off his freedom.

    Grow with him and together find your chemistry. It is not only a matter of making him happy but making yourself happy and satisfied too because if you are happy in a relationship, it will radiate and spark more happiness.

    Sex of course is a primary factor to consider. It is undeniably one of the strongest adhesion that could keep the relationship in tack. There are some vitamins to help someone out on this. Check out this link for more information: Vitamins To Increase Libido And Spice Up Your Love Life

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