How To Write A Romance Novel

I stitched my four short “So You Want to Write A Romance” videos together. Enjoy!


  1. Jane Drouet says:

    Hilarious and TRUE!

  2. the possibilities are endless …!

  3. HelenAlexandria says:

    this is every romance novel in one…lol

  4. Isabel Misiara says:


  5. William Perry Jr says:

    Wow! I think I will name her Lucy. Her nickname will be Red Lips due to her
    lips being red. She’s very silly.

  6. Cherrie Tart says:

    This is hysterical and right on!!

  7. Siti Aminah says:

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  8. Kathleen Burns-Wick says:

    It’s so trueeeeeee. LOOOOOOOL They should start a new genera called reality
    romance. Because this other story formula gets old, fast!

  9. You are making my problem worse!

  10. William Perry Jr says:

    I’ll say! I think I will create a very silly character. It will be a lady.
    What should I name her?

  11. Penelope Silvers says:

    I was laughing my head off. Humor is the way to get the point across!

  12. William Perry Jr says:

    That is pretty cool! Are they bears?

  13. Yeah, I think so …! Suitably silly.

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