How useful is dating advice given by a woman (to a man)?

Question by Neo: How useful is dating advice given by a woman (to a man)?
BQ: How useful is dating advice given by a man (to a woman)?

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Answer by Mohamed
its very usefull cause a man knows u know something i am a man and a girlfriend of mine did give me an advise on how to date a woman well it effective to use that method u r trying to understand the other side from the other side thats a good thing

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  1. it’s all subjective anyway..

  2. Orange Yes says:

    It depends on the women and the advice she gives

    BQ: It depends on the man and the advice he gives.

  3. I’d think that they can give you useful insight on how a woman thinks. Especially if you spell out the girl’s situation and reaction to your advances. But of course, to ask her tips on “what to buy for another woman?” or person specific advice does not work typically.

    BQ: Same for the man. But why would a woman want advice for men? Just good food and good sex (both person specific). No rocket science.

  4. InvisibleMan says:

    I have to agree with “KILLER” on this. Never take dating advice on women, from women. It’ll be disastrous.

  5. MrPhotographer says:

    its better dating advice than a man going to a woman we don’t understand women that much such they are all so different. But women understand women. Which is strange but yeah ive had great advice from women.

    One of my friends said do the opposite of what you feel is right. lol it worked for that girl. Another one told me women like things they can have. That was proven true. You give them something they can figure out at first then they get bored.

  6. Integration 20 says:

    It’s useful in that it is an instructional on what NOT to do.

  7. Her advice is almost surely counterproductive in dating. Women give advice based on what they like to believe is true, not based on what is true in reality.

    For the glimpse into the female mind, however, her dating advice is invaluable.

    BQ: More often than not, she’d do well to take it (but probably won’t).

  8. ℓчşşά says:

    Well, mine is pretty useful. All you need to realize is there’s really no point in comparing potential girlfriends to me bc you’re never ever gonna feel fulfilled.

  9. That would depend on the character of the woman. 🙂

  10. mister-damus says:

    Not very. The reason is that many women say one thing but mean another.

  11. It all depends on that particular female and how she answers it

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